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4 Iconic Movie Scenes Set in a Casino

4 Iconic Movie Scenes Set in a Casino

There is really nothing like being able to sit down and enjoy a great move. It is one of the best ways in which a person can take their mind off of things and just sit back and relax. Sometimes, after a long day, you just want to be able to switch off your brain and take it easy. One of the only hobbies that really allows you to escape like this is to watch movies. Luckily enough, it is also a hobby that is not going to get old or boring any time soon. There are just so many great movies that have been released, not to mention there are so many more to come. 

One thing that makes a movie even better is when there is an extra bit of interest in the plot for you. This can happen when the movie touches on a subject that you are fond of. For example, anyone who loves sports is going to have an additional interest in any sport that is set within this genre. If you are someone who is interested in gambling, you will be happy to hear that there are some great films that follow this topic. More specifically, there are some movie titles that have scenes set in casinos that are considered iconic. These scenes really capture the excitement and fun that is inside of a casino. These are the film scenes that did it better than anyone else. So with that considered, here are some of the most iconic movie scenes set in a casino.

Ocean's Eleven

When it comes to movies that are set in Las Vegas, there are few that compare to the Ocean's trilogy. These films are so tense and atmospheric that anyone would be enticed by them. No matter if you have a love for gambling or not, you are really going to enjoy this film series. The film stars amazing performances from the likes of George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon. The plot of the movie is based around an attempt at a casino heist to get revenge on a rival of Clooney's. When he recruits a team of eleven expert thieves, the fun starts. A huge proportion of the film is set inside a casino, so picking out one iconic scene is definitely difficult. However, the scene where Ocean converses with his wife before being interrupted by his rival is definitely a tense one. If all the amazing casino scenes in this movie get you in the mood for playing, you can easily enjoy some good table games by visiting

The Hangover

When you think of some of the best comedy movies ever made, The Hangover is always going to be up there. This chaotic flick had people laughing from the first moment to the last. The events that take place throughout this feature film are really wacky and hilarious, making it an enjoyable ride for the viewers. Although the protagonists don't enjoy as good of a time, there is some joy for Zach Galifianakis in the casino. The movie does a great job of parodying the iconic scene from "Rain Man". It shows the protagonist using a card counting tactic to have a more successful experience in a game of blackjack. Which, to the audience's surprise, pays off very well. He ends up going on a great winning streak and giving the viewers one of the more enjoyable experiences in the film.

Casino Royale

The James Bond series is perhaps one of the most beloved in the history of cinema. The action series has had an amazing catalog of actors over the years, with Daniel Craig most recently being the man in charge of the role. In what is often considered to be his best performance, Casino Royale has some amazing casino scenes for viewers to enjoy. Perhaps the most memorable of the selection is when Bond and Le Chiffre take part in a high-stakes casino game in Montenegro. The tensions in this scene are so high, and it captivates the intensity of high-stakes gambling.

Army of the Dead

Netflix's Army of the Dead was definitely a hit when it hit the streaming platform. Dave Bautista was the star of this horror-comedy in this instant classic. When the team is tasked with making it to the casino to get the treasure, there are a series of tense and amazing scenes. Trying to escape the casino without being caught in a unique and memorable scene.