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New Trailer and Poster for Panah Panahi’s HIT THE ROAD

hit the road
The Iranian drama comes to UK/ROI cinemas in July.

Son of acclaimed Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi, Panah Panahi makes his feature debut as writer/director with Hit the Road. The film sees a family become closer to on another as they embark on a lengthy road trip.

Hassan Madjooni, Pantea Panahiha, Rayan Sarlak and Amin Simiar star.

Hit the Road is in UK/ROI cinemas from July 29th.

Check out the trailer and poster below.

The official synopsis reads:

Driving across endless miles of rugged landscape, a family navigates a long road trip alongside a range of conflicting emotions. Dad’s got a broken leg and a mood to match whilst Mum fusses over her two children and their pet dog. And when he's not drawing on the car windows, their energetic youngest son couldn’t be louder as he sings along to the car radio whilst his elder brother tries to concentrate on the road ahead. As the journey twists and turns and their destination draws ever closer, the chaotic claustrophobia in the car grows as does the love and affection they have for each other. Accompanied by a brilliant soundtrack, Panah Panahi’s thrilling debut feature is a treasure; tender, quirky, and laugh-out-loud funny. Get ready to take an unmissable journey along the dusty road of life.

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