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Best Roulette Movies of All Time

Best Roulette Movies of All Time
Roulette is undoubtedly one of the most popular casino games in the world.

Some even assume that it is the oldest form of table games. Because of its increasing popularity, roulette has played a key role in pop culture and media.

Movies about online casinos and roulette, in general, enjoy great popularity. In the following article, we will have a look at the top roulette movies of all time.


Canada, summer 1898. The height of the Gold Rush - A group of German settlers is on their way to the far north, towards Dawson. There, in the Klondike, in the newly discovered mines, everyone can instantly get rich, you have to go 2000 kilometers, and then find a gold mine. But the reason to go on this dangerous trip is not only a thirst for profit. The journalist Gustav dreams of becoming famous, and the cowboy Carl hopes to escape from the persecution of the killers. Only the motives of the cold beauty Emily, who endures the hardships of the journey, are at first unclear.


Jack Manfred is an aspiring writer who, suffering from writer's block, takes a job as a casino croupier to support his literary ambitions. Jack watches the players with the same cold indifference that he has when writing his novel. He never places bets himself, but when a seductive beauty and a casino regular draws him into a dangerous but potentially lucrative scam, Jack believes fortune is on his side. He does not suspect that soon the temptations of the game will captivate him much more than he could imagine.

Croupier is perhaps one of the best movies when it comes to roulette and casinos. As the popularity of the film grew, it established itself in the online gambling industry. Numerous live roulette casinos started featuring Clive Owen (the actor who plays Jack), on their banners and this marketing strategy worked perfectly.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Two swindlers - swindlers who hunt rich ladies for money - are complete opposites to each other: one of them, Lawrence, has thought out a clear system of scam and works together with several assistants, often breaking a big jackpot. The second crook, Freddie, is inexperienced, one might even say naive, enjoys even small profits and works alone. One day, Lawrence spots Freddie on a train and, deciding that he has potential, is going to teach him the art of cheating.

Ocean’s Thirteen

Heroes of the local rank are again forced to gather in order to save one of the "friends". He was ruthlessly framed, but now it will not be forgiven. Danny gathers a new gang, which he activates and sets in motion, coming up with the most dangerous and diabolical plan, because this is not about a big score (although it is also about him), but also about protecting a comrade-in-arms.


Yakuza Otomo, with long experience of surviving among the Japanese mafia, has been watching the struggle for power for many years. Each of them strives to take the place of the Godfather. Murder, betrayal and lies reign around. The worst thing is that ordinary citizens, their families and children suffer from this. The world is ruled by Mr. Mayhem. Corruption has entered the life of the state so much that there will be certain consequences.


Mike is a young lawyer who is also a gambler. He is extremely lucky in the game, and Mike even dreams of participating in poker competitions. Extra money has not interfered with anyone yet, and fame - even more so. But the love of cards passes when Mike loses to the smithereens of the local mafia Teddy. After this incident, the guy vowed that he would never sit at a table with green cloth. But not everything is as simple as it may seem at the first glance.

Bob le Flambeur

Bob is an old man and his passion for games is incredible. Twenty years ago, Bob was in jail for a failed bank robbery. This man, a bandit and a swindler is now on the verge of ruin, therefore he again decides on a major robbery of a famous casino in the city of Deauville, despite even the warnings of a policeman friend. His plan is calculated to perfection, but somehow, in the last minutes, the police find out Bob's intentions. It’s worth noting that Bob le Flambeur has become one of the classics and received acclaim in the movie industry.

Mississippi Grind

Jerry is a middle-aged man who is fond of gambling, which means a lot to him: for the sake of gambling, he even sacrificed his family's well-being, and his wife and child left him. Now he lives the life of an ordinary bachelor. But lately, fortune has turned its back on him, and he has lost quite large sums in the casino. And Curtis is a young, promising talented gambler who also loves the excitement.

Vegas Vacation

Clark Griswold, his wife Ellen, his son Rusty and daughter Audrey all go to Las Vegas - the city of temptation and gambling. Here, each member of the family finds entertainment to their liking: Ellen wants to go to a concert of local star Wayne Newton, Rusty finds new playboy friends, and Audrey goes to buy a new dress. Clark, meanwhile, comes to the casino and starts playing games, but loses big, having blown almost the entire family budget.