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First Trailer and Poster for British Crime Thriller BLUFF

First look at the British crime drama.

The feature debut of writer-director Sheikh Shahnawaz, Bluff sees a London cop go undercover as a heroin addict in a small town to take down a dangerous drug dealer.

Gurj Gill, Jason Adam, Nisaro Karim, James Jaysen Bryhan and Joe Egan star.

"This is a deeply personal film for me," Shahnawaz says. "Not only because of having to deal with my father's death while making it but also because it was set in my hometown and deals with homelessness and the illicit trade of heroin which is a prevalent issue here. The film also revolves around the rising use of fentanyl, a lethal drug used to increase the potency of heroin which we are seeing involved in more drug-related deaths around the world than ever before as part of the opioid crisis. I spent time with actual heroin users and drug dealers for research. The undercover policing tactics depicted in the film are based on real-life experiences of actual undercover police agents that operated in this region. To elevate the well-explored tropes of the crime genre, I crafted a very intricate story through the use of a non-linear structure that I don’t think audiences have quite experienced like this before."

Bluff is on Prime Video UK from April 28th.

Check out the trailer and poster below.

The official synopsis reads:

Detective Sergeant Daniel Miller is suspended from the London Metropolitan Police so that he can be secretly deployed to a small English town on an undercover assignment to uncover Britain's major suppliers of heroin and crack cocaine. He poses as a heroin addict and manipulates an unsuspecting junkie into working with him so that he can infiltrate the local drug network and work his way up the supply chain. The line between duty and criminality begins to blur as Miller’s investigation becomes increasingly dangerous the closer he gets to finding the source of a drug trafficker.

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