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Biggest Slot Gaming Organisations

Slot gaming was incredibly popular in the 20th century, especially in places like Las Vegas, where it was one of the main catalysts for the crazy proliferation of so-called super casinos. Whilst that’s all true, there is absolutely no comparing the slot gaming industry of the 21st century, because things have got unimaginably better! Oh yes, due to the invention of online gambling the slot gaming world is now at a frankly ridiculous size - also try Jackpot King slots.

By now there are thousands of online slot titles out there, from numerous different online slot developers, hosted on an almost infinite number of slots sites and online casinos. And guess that else? There are millions and millions of us reel spinners playing our favourite online slots and keeping the whole industry going. It all makes us wonder, what are the biggest slot gaming organisations? Keep reading to find out…

The different types of slot gaming organisations

It is easy to think of slot gaming organisations as just being the companies that actually design and create these infectious games, however that isn’t the case at all. You see, the slot gaming industry is actually made up of many different types of organisation, each of which play a special part in the overall slots universe. Here are some different types:

·         Online slot developer: The online slot developers are arguably the most important parts of the whole industry, because without them there would be no games to play. Later on in this article we’ll list a few of the best online slot developers to check out, it definitely pays to know, because not all slot developers create genuinely good games.

·         Online casino sites: Without online casino sites there wouldn’t be nearly as many places to actually play online slots, but luckily there are quite literally thousnads of these around these days. Make sure you choose the online casino site with the best welcome offers and deposit bonuses!

·         Slot gaming authorities: However fun gambling can be, it is always important to have a regulatory body involved, otherwise gamblers can very easily be taken advantage of. In the world of slots authorities like the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority ensure everything remains legal and in order. Remember to always check that an online casino or online slot developer has received a licence from these places.

The best 21st century online slot developers

Online slot developers have got to be the most crucial cog in the overall online slots machine, and it is also critical that you know what the best ones are so you can play the best slots possible. Take a look at the best online slot developers:

·         NetEnt: NetEnt simply have to be at the top of this list every time you mention the best online slot developers, and they are also one of the biggest slot gaming organisations in the world too. The consistently and constant innovation in NetEnt slots are what sets them apart from the rest – it doesn’t look like they’ll be relinquishing the top spot any time soon either.

·         Microgaming: Microgaming are probably the largest slot gaming organisation around, which means they can afford to offer things like the outrageous Microgaming Progressive Jackpot Network.