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Remembering POKER NIGHT

poker night
A look back at the 2013 poker drama.

Lots of us have enjoyed a poker night with a group of friends, munching on snacks and engaging in banter while hopefully winning a small fortune.

2013's Poker Night, starring Benz Antoine and Alex Appel, features a far less cozy night of gambling. After watching, you may prefer to stick with online poker at a site like 20Bet.

The movie's protagonist is Marty. He's house-sitting for his parents, who have gone off for a weekend trip. Hearing of his situation, his friends convince him to host a poker night at his parents' house.

This is no regular poker night however. The winner will be treated to a night with a hooker!

When Marty’s neighbour Ed finds out about the special terms of the poker night, he insists on joining in. Another sub-plot develops when Ed’s young daughter Sybil (Kristin Fairlie) has a crush on Marty and attempts to scupper the game in fear that her love will win and hook up with a lady of the night.

The guys hire a top class escort, only to find she's way out of their league, both in her pricing and her poker skills!

Written and directed by Chris John and working with a relatively miniscule budget, Poker Night will make you rethink your future home poker nights.