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How Often Do Slot Machines Pay the Jackpot in Average

There is no surety of whether you will win at a game of slots or not. This is because you can never influence the outcome. The symbols land on the payline in an absolutely random way. They are decided by the Random Number Generator (RNG). You can try it on popular games like Fluffy Favourites UK too.

In this article, we will talk about the parameters you can use to estimate how much a slot game may pay.

Payout Rate

When a slot game has an RTP rate of 96%, it means that out of the money you bet in the game over the long term, you may get 96% of it back. Some assume that a 96% payout rate means that you will win 96 times in every 100 rounds. That is wrong. The difference is called the house edge. So, in a slot game with a payout rate of 96%, 4% is the house edge. Always make sure to go for those slot games where the payout rate is maximum or, in other words, the house edge is minimum. Here are some examples:

Never settle for anything less than 96%. Of course, 99% is very rare but it is your best option.

Random Number Generator

As mentioned in the beginning, RNGs are the reason why no one can ever pinpoint the outcome of a game of slots. However, we must note that RNGs can be broadly classified into 2 types:

· Hardware (ones which run more than 100 random combinations of numbers in 1 second)

· Pseudo (ones who depict certain patterns in their numerical combinations over time)

It is comparatively less difficult to deal with games that run with RNGs falling under the second category rather than the first. You can understand the algorithm better with the help of statistical calculations.

Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are the slot games where you have the opportunity to win progressive jackpots. A progressive jackpot is a type of limitless jackpot. The reward is the outcome of a snowballing effect. Every time a bet is wagered in a game of progressive slots, either the player wins or the player loses. In case of the former, the player simply gets to earn the prize. However, in case of the latter, the betting amount gets added to the jackpot, making it bigger.

The jackpot keeps expanding every time a player loses a bet. Now, in some casinos, the operator resets the jackpot at regular intervals. This can happen monthly, quarterly or yearly, depending on the personal preference of the operator of the casino. So, as every interval comes to an end, the jackpot starts accumulating back from 0.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the factors that we just mentioned, volatility also has a profound impact on the outcome of a slot game. A highly volatile game yields big jackpots, but at a low frequency. On the other hand, a game where the volatility is low yields small jackpots, but at a high frequency. We hope these inputs help you.