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Top 7 Trending Online Games

The gaming industry has been gaining huge popularity in this technological era. There is a wide range of online games available nowadays. These games have been proven successful in reaching a large number of populations all over the world.

This game fad has not only influenced children but also the people of different age groups who love to play these games. If you are a newbie to this gaming trend or want to explore popular games then this article will surely enhance your awareness about online games.

So, the seven most trending online games are:

Player’s Unknown BattleGround (PUBG)

‘Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner’ everyone who might have played or not but must have listened to this phrase somewhere. PUBG was launched in the year 2018 and in no time started gaining huge popularity among the masses.

This game is played between two teams in two matches in which the players have to kill 100 people by keeping themselves safe till the end of the game. The players can either participate individually or as a team.

Litecoin Blackjack

Among all other categories, casino games have also revolutionized a lot, and games like Litecoin Blackjack are one such example. It is a card comparison game in which the players and the dealers target the goal of reaching twenty-one points. It is a real money game that has also earned huge popularity among gamers.

Counter-Strike; Global Offensive
Counter-strike is just another famous game among the people. The best part about this game is that it can be played both online as well as offline. In this game, there are two teams with different missions who have to save themselves from the terrorist attack and bomb plantation in their place.


This game was launched in 2011 and has now become the favorite game of 91 Million people. This is one of the most adventurous games involving building, animals, food, etc. In this game, players do not have the pressure of attaining a particular goal. It is a 3-D video game that can be easily played on android platforms.

The Division 2

Division 2 is an online multiplayer action video game that was launched in the year 2019. In this game, players have to help each other accomplish their goals by cooperating. This new version of the game is played by 8 players.

League of Legends (LOL)

Launched in the year 2009, League of Legends is one of the oldest and most played games to date. The animation and mode scene is one of the biggest reasons to tempt the players to try this game. Each match in this game lasts for almost 20-50 minutes.

Players play in teams and have to destroy the core building of the opponent team.


The players have to play with a deck of 30 digital cards. The game is played between two players. In which they choose their specific heroes and acquire some special powers. The players make strategies to attack each other to win the game.

The game can be played on the supported device; this popular game was launched in the year 2012 and is one of the most played games.