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New Trailer and Poster for Vampire Chiller RED SNOW

red snow
The horror comedy comes to UK/ROI VOD in December.

Directed by Sean Nichols Lynch, horror comedy Red Snow stars Dennice Cisneros as Olivia, a struggling romance writer who has always dreamed of meeting a vampire. She gets her wish when Luke (Nico Bellamy) arrives at her remote cabin in need of help. But when other bloodsuckers show up looking for Luke, Olivia's romantic fantasy turns into a nightmare.

Laura Kennon, Vernon Wells, Alan Silva, Edward Ewell and Olivia Pintz also star.

Red Snow is on UK/ROI VOD from December 6th.

Check out the trailer and poster below.

The official synopsis reads:

Aspiring vampire-romance novelist Olivia Romo is spending her holidays alone, holed up in her snowbound cabin near Lake Tahoe and racking up rejection letters from publishers. Until one night, an injured bat slams against her window. Sympathetic to creatures of the night, Olivia takes the wounded critter inside her garage to nurse it back to health.
The next day, however, Olivia is delighted to discover that the bat has transformed into a handsome vampire. His name is Luke. He's not a fan of crosses, garlic, or sunlight, but he seems to take a strange liking to Olivia.
The unlikely companions get to know each other and start to form a tenuous friendship, but Olivia grows suspicious of Luke's intentions as his past begins to catch up with him. First, there's the strange detective who comes looking for Luke and his dangerous associates. Then, there's the pale figures creeping outside Olivia's cabin at night.
And at last, Luke's old vampire friends come out of the shadows and into Olivia's cabin. They want Luke back, but first they want to help themselves to his tasty new friend...

red snow poster