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First Trailer and Poster for THE FAMILY

the family
First look at director Dan Slater's thriller.

Director Dan Slater's The Family appears to tread similar territory to M. Night Shyamalan's The Village and Yorgos Lanthimos's Dogtooth. It tells the story of four young siblings raised to believe their family is the last remnants of humanity on Earth. When the oldest boy begins to question this, his father reacts in brutal fashion.

Nigel Bennett, Benjamin Charles Watson, Jenna Warren, Toni Ellwand, Keana Lyn and Yasmin MacKay star.

"It’s hard to imagine how people are able to escape the clutches of a cult when they become that person’s entire existence," says Slater. "We began exploring what it would be to question your whole world with the consequences being mental and physical harm or even death."

The Family receives its world premiere at the Busan International Film Festival on October 8th.

Check out the trailer and poster below.

The official synopsis reads:

“How could they see anything but the shadows if they were never allowed to move their head?” Raised to fear what lurks beyond the borders of their farm, a young family is held captive by their beliefs and the teachings of their merciless Father and Mother; lead to believe they may be the only one left on earth. When Caleb, the eldest, begins to question these teachings, Father decides to make an example of him, his punishments becoming increasingly cruel and brutal. Caleb is forced to choose between his search for truth... and his life.

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