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7 Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier [Sponsored]

The world today is fast-paced, digitally connected, and time has become a rare and valued commodity. People and individual lifestyles have become rushed! Anxiety levels have spiked! The stress of keeping everything at a balance, maximizing productivity, and achieving satisfying results has led to a growing need for proper organization. Technological growth and expert digital innovations pave the way for individuals with apps and other organizations tools to help simplify your life. You can now record your favourite daily activities and chores; select entertainment spots and rewards, including the popular True Blue casino no deposit bonus. People can now “live smarter” and manage it all while keeping a balance between work, relationships, and kids!

Here are some of the best apps that will make your life easier:

1.      Google Keep

2.      Trello

3.      SmarterTime

4.      Todoist

5.      Pocket

6.      Calm

7.      Spendbook

1.      Google Keep

According to certified professional organizers, Google Keep can help keep track of all your daily activities, both personal and business-related. One of the accredited organizers, Anne Blumer, indicates that you can label and group tasks together with titles and colour codes, marking them as home-related, work, or the kids. “What’s most amazing is that you can store the tasks as notes in text formats, add a checkbox you can mark after successful completion, mark the activity success or kick-off with an image, or jot down your thoughts for later perusal. Plus, you can keep all your activities in a voice memo and share with other users or colleagues in the office,” she says. The app is compatible with Android and Apple operating systems (iOS) and is “free” on both mobile platforms.

2.      Trello

Trello’s appealing trait is its adaptability to various situations or conditions. Its flexibility makes it a perfect tool for project managers running huge teams or a family with many members partaking in a task. Individuals can organize the tasks at hand according to priority, following a column or several columns, each representing a project, task, or chore. You can add deadlines, a priority level and arrange specific patterns or dates for easier perusal and reminders, etc.

After completing the tasks, you can organize the tasks or projects in a schema, highlighting responsible individuals, targets to accomplish, timeline allocated, and successful completion/ failure. It makes people and task management more straightforward or complex depending on individual preferences. Plus, the app is free with a premium version. If for personal use, the free version is more efficient and cost-effective. The premium version would be more appropriate and efficient for use in a business as it comes with better integration with other applications essential in a company at a fee.

3.      SmarterTime

Time is the most “valued and rare” currency in the world. It is essential to know and understand how one is spending it. You can track your time through your daily activities and identify how best to maximize your productivity levels, balance your work and personal life by ensuring better “self-care.”  The app is automatic and bases its conclusions based on the data you feed it.

SmarterTime can help evaluate your time management skills, highlight time-wasting activities to avoid, set goals to achieve within a specific timeline, and customize your daily activities to attain a particular balance. The app can help fill in the blanks during the day based on previous actions. However, the app is only available on Android devices, but the developers are currently designing one for iOS.

For better and improved services such as data-export or comprehensive daily reports, you can join the premium version “Plus Accounts” at a fee.

4.      Todoist

When it comes to organization, Todoist is the most sought-after tool. Many organizers describe it as “comprehensive, intuitive,” and above all, “obliging.” The user-friendly interface is easy to navigate and use, and the features match everyday activity planners. You can have the app for free anytime, but it is better to apply for the premium version for advanced and efficient management.

“Todoist helps sort through your daily activities, groups similar functionalities together, adds a priority list depending on most urgent tasks, and separates home and work-related tasks,” says Blumer. You can add a reminder for recurring tasks such as paying your phone, electricity, or water bills. Reminders can be daily, weekly or monthly with a premium version. Plus, you get location and time added to the reminders, backup data for your activities is automatic, and you can review your progress and performance using charts!

5.      Pocket

Pocket is a “Distraction-Blocker.” People are always busy with online activities, and it’s easy to get distracted and lose valuable work time online. The main reason is that individuals desire to read an informing financial piece, cute posts, or interesting articles online and keep up with the trends; failure becomes impossible to retrieve the same article, video, or post. Pocket simplifies the task by allowing you to save the report and read it when free.

You can use the app on any browser or app, keep all your online searches, categorize them into different topics for easier search when ready to read them. The app can recommend interesting online pieces depending on your saved content. You can save on data and Internet connection by reading copies offline. Users can download the Pocket app into different devices and sync them together to share saved content.

6.      Spendbook

The Spendbook app is an excellent suggestion from True Blue casino for Australians. The app keeps track of every coin you use, ensuring the process is hustle-free and is relatively straightforward. Spendbook can work for any individual willing to spend but cannot keep track or manage the money spent in a day, month, hours, or year.

Spendbook has an intuitive interface, is compatible with various platforms, and is easy to understand. Most financial apps use jargons that make the management process complex. However, Spendbook allows you to enter your expenditures and categorize them. You can also conduct an in-depth analysis using charts or summarize the data into a calendar.

7.      Calm

Life isn’t as simple as creating an organization chart and letting everything go according to the planner. The hectic and fast-paced world we are living in today has become complex, tiring, and numbing. People need a way to relax, relieve stress, and attain a calming mind. Calm is the app that provides calmness when falling into a work abyss, keeps you focused, and enhances your mental clarity.

Calm is a meditation-based app for individuals who require the class but have no time or way of joining an actual class. It provides guidance that helps individuals meditate and relax. You can choose from calming and soothing water sounds in a brook, the beach or mountain lakes, the silence of clouds, or a calming sunset on the beach!


Apps can make life easy by task organization or mental relief. The above apps provide both organization and mental balance while ensuring an individual maintains physical strength and mental clarity. Individuals can attain a balance between their jobs and family lives, and productivity levels in both areas soar. Therefore, you can select any of the above apps depending on your preference to help make your life easier.