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SHIVA BABY Headlines MUBI’s June Line-Up

shiva baby
The arthouse streaming service has announced its June schedule.

MUBI UK/ROI's June roster includes the debut of Emma Seligman's acclaimed comedy Shiva Baby, more weirdness from Greece, feminist documentaries, a selection for Pride Month and more...

shiva baby

Shiva Baby
This June, MUBI will release Shiva Baby, a darkly playful comedy of chaos about a young bisexual woman grappling with tradition and independence over the course of one climactic day-long shiva. A highlight of 2020’s Toronto International Film Festival and SXSW, and featuring a standout lead performance from emerging actor-comedian Rachel Sennott, the acclaimed feature debut from writer-director Emma Seligman is bold, modern filmmaking at its most daring, hilarious, and unforgettable. Co-starring Dianna Agron, Molly Gordon, Polly Draper and Fred Melamed.


MUBI's Pride Month addition to the series Portrait of the Artist, Joanna Reposi Garibaldi’s Lemebel,  winner of the Teddy Award for Best Documentary at 2019 Berlinale, depicts a pioneering figure in Latin America’s LGBTQ+ movement and a tireless fighter who continued to speak out until the very end of his life. His sharp-tongued, poetic texts and provocative performances made him one of South America’s most important contemporary artists. In dictatorial Chile under Pinochet, Lemebel expressed things that only few dared to say.

Sex, Truth, and Videotape: French Feminist Activism

Sex, Truth, and Videotape: French Feminist Activism
This series will focus on trailblazing feminist documentaries by actress Delphine Seyrig and director Carole Roussopoulos, which used the new medium of video to explore themes such as women’s rights and their place in film, the issues faced by sex workers, and homosexuality during liberation movements in 1970s France. The full selection includes Delphine and Carole (2019), Be Pretty and Shut Up! (1976), Maso et Miso Go Boating (1975), The Prostitutes of Lyon Speak (1975), Just Don’t Fuck (1971), S.C.U.M. Manifesto 1967 (1976), and Le F.H.A.R (1971).


Pride Unprejudiced: LGBTQ+ Cinema
To celebrate Pride Month, MUBI presents a selection of films that portray the multifaceted nature of LGBTQ+ cinema. The highlighted Shiva Baby and Lemebel will be part of this programming, as well as Kim So Yong’s Lovesong (2016), Stephen Cone’s Princess Cyd (2017) Henry Gamble's Birthday Party (2015), Clarisa Navas’s One in a Thousand (2020), Barbara Hammer’s The Female Closet (1998), and more.


The debut film by Lee Isaac Chung (Minari), Munyurangabo (2007) is a powerful and tender tale of a friendship between two teenagers as they deal with the effects of the Rwandan genocide. Quiet and authentic, the film also features a poem by Poet Laureate Edouard Uwayo.

PVT Chat

MUBI Spotlights
June’s exclusive showcase of exciting recent releases will include Angela Schanelec’s I Was At Home, But…, Ben Hozie’s PVT Chat and Matt Wolf’s Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project.
I Was At Home, But… (2019), winner of the Silver Bear for both Best Director and Best Leading Performance at the Berlinale, is an elliptical, mysterious and entrancing drama that deals with themes of grief and motherhood in a wholly original way. 
PVT Chat (2020) will stream on MUBI weeks after its digital release. An erotic drama about love and loneliness, it follows a man as he becomes obsessed with a dominatrix met via video chat, played by Uncut Gems star Julia Fox.
Recorder: The Marion Stokes Project (2020) documents the vision and ideas of civil rights activist and TV commentator Marion Stokes by looking at her lifelong project: an archive made of hours of TV news footage, recorded over 30 years, that testifies how media shapes history through the news.

kala azar

Kala Azar
Named after an infectious canine disease, this post-apocalyptic yet tender love story set in a pet crematorium takes the “Greek Weird Wave” further with a feral reimagining of the lines between human and animal existence.

Where To?
The First Lebanese film to ever show at Cannes, Where To? gained worldwide recognition and ushered in a period of emancipation for Lebanese cinema. Exploring exile and emigration through the story of one family, this is an evocative journey full of ingenious visual symbolism.

This filmed epistolary conversation between two acclaimed filmmakers blends digital and Super 8 footage, new material and family home movies, to form a reflection on family, history, motherhood, and current politics.

One in a Thousand
This coming-of-age drama set in a housing project in Argentina refreshingly defies heteronormativity and queer stereotypes. Featuring a mostly non-professional cast, One in a Thousand is intimate, sensual and authentic.

Circumstantial Pleasures
A feature-length collection of six animated short films by Lewis Klahr, combining collage animation with mid-century comic books, pop art, and magazines to explore “the pastness of the present.”

White on White
A striking, icy neo-western with impeccable mise en scène, White on White is a hypnotic and sinister period piece, capturing the darkness of patriarchy and colonial violence and shot during the depths of winter in the tundra of Tierra del Fuego.