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French Series You Can’t Stop Watching

Aside from improving your French by watching their TV series, you can also learn about their culture and lifestyle. Most French TV series' storylines are amazing. You may seem to get enough. Also, considering that the TV series here features some of the best French actors, it will be difficult to stop watching halfway.


Lupin is a French series produced by Netflix and it stars some of the A-list actors like Omar Sy. The series is a modern version of the gentleman burglar known as Arsene Lupin.

Amazingly, Lupin became the second most-watched program on Netflix after its one-week release. It is said to be competing with other TV series like Bridgerton and The Queen’s Gambit with over 70 million households viewing it within a month.

The Bureau

Interestingly, The Bureau is based on various real-life accounts. This TV series is focused on the daily lives and missions of the French security service. This is more like the CIA. 

The storyline is centered on an intelligence officer called Guillaume Debailly. He is often referred to as the “Malotru ''. According to the storyline, he once served in an operation uncover for 6 years in Syria. So the Series unfolds with Malutru trying to reconnect with his family after spending a lot of time away from home. 


This French series opens your eyes to another side of France. It gives you an idea of the French ghetto lifestyle. Aside from that, some regular and modern French slang is often used in this movie. 

Into the Night

This short Science Fiction TV show has 6 episodes of about 40 minutes. Although it's a short series, it provides a captivating story for science fiction enthusiasts. The "Sun" starts killing people in Brussels and all the passengers on the flight make all attempts to survive the heat of the sun. You can definitely visit French Iceberg for more interesting French TV shows.