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Behind the Scenes Facts of the Movie CASINO

If you love gambling and movies, there’s a high chance you’ve watched Casino. And if you haven’t, it’s prime time you watch it.

Released in 1995, Casino is the greatest casino movie of all time. Martin Scorsese directed the film. As a director, Martin brings movies to life in a unique way. He has also helmed some of the most iconic films to ever grace the screens, like Goodfellas.

This iconic work of art follows two mobster friends who try to develop their casino empire. What’s even interesting, the film is based on the true story of Frank Lefty Rosenthal (acted by Robert De Niro) and his mobster best friend Tony Spilotro (acted by Joe Pesci).

However, there are other amazing casino movie facts you should also know. Let’s look at them!

The movie was shot in a real casino

Martin Scorsese took the authenticity in the movie Casino to another level by shooting the film in a real-life casino. Although it wasn’t easy, the production team nailed it and captured the colorful setting of the casino.

The director chose Las Vegas casino Riviera for the set. The movie was shot between midnight and 10 in the morning to avoid disrupting the casino’s operations.

The filming of the different scenes from the Casino took place mainly in the casino’s corner, while the actual gameplay took place on the side, and individuals still gambled as the crew filmed.

The director also included real croupiers to add a touch of authenticity. Also, this saved him time since he didn’t have to teach actors how to deal at a minimum $5 deposit casino in Australia like pros. The casino completely took advantage of the movie shoot by using it for promotional purposes.

The casino explosion and booming scenes were real

In most movies, the scenes with explosions get generated by computers. But that’s not the case in Casino. The footage of the casino explosion was true in a way.

During the period of the shooting, a real-life demolition of the Dunes was taking place. This allowed the production crew to capture the actual explosion, which they used to conclude the film. This unique approach is what gives Casino its memorable splendor vibe.

Besides that, the bombing scene in the film has some truth to it. In actual life, Frank survived a car bombing.  All thanks to a metallic stabilization sheet underneath the driver’s seat. In the movie Casino, Sam also survives a car bombing.

Sharon Reigns Supreme

For the role of the female lead, Ginger, the director considered many actresses, including Melanie Griffith, Nicole Kidman, Madonna, and Uma Thurman. However, only Sharon Stone got the role. And because of her role, she went on to win the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

But there’s more to that story! Sharon almost failed to secure the role. The director Scorsese had canceled her audition two times. The final time, Scorsese had to convince Sharon to take up the role.

Also, during the film, Sharon suffered from bad anxiety, especially in the phone booth scene. After the scene, Martin sat on the floor out of the filming to hold her hand.

Robert De Niro met Frank Rosenthal

Before shooting the film, Robert De Niro had to meet with Frank Rosenthal- on whom Sam Rothstein’s character was based- in person. The meeting helped Robert to better understand the character he was acting.

Calling Wardrobe!

Casino, one of the best films shot in a casino, has a ridiculous costume budget of a staggering $1 million. This was an enormous amount factoring the fact the movie got released in 1995. The best part is, Robert De Niro’s wardrobe contained about 70 different outfits, all custom-made.

Parolees worked on the Movie

Director Martin is well known for his careful attention to detail. He always ensures that his clips are as accurate as possible. The casino is one of his masterpieces that didn’t fail in terms of authenticity.

Scorsese hired parolees and FBI agents who acted as consultants on the shoot and helped with the mannerisms of the actors. And the existence of former Rosenthal associates made it possible to adapt every detail to precision.


Casino is the best casino-mobster movie ever that every gambling enthusiast should watch. If you haven’t added it to your Netflix movie watch list, it’s time to do so. Be rest assured you won’t get disappointed.

The light touch of comedy, the gruesome scenes, and action-packed acts add depth to the movie and will leave you wishing the movie never ends. And the best part, it’s based on a true story.

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