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What Do We Know About Casinos From the Movies?

Using casinos as the main theme or even just having one casino scene is popular in movie making. It is no surprise, as movies like to concentrate on out of the ordinary things and a casino visit is certainly one. Many people who have never set a foot in a casino, nor visited one online might have certain ideas about casinos that are not true at all.

In this article, we are going to discuss the cliches of movies depicting casinos. We were lucky to be able to discuss this topic with Hungarian iGaming expert, Boross Ors. Ors knows the casino business inside and out and you can read more about his work here

Myth 1: Casinos are all cheaters

Many movies indicate that casino operators are not honest and all the games are rigged. It is impossible to win on a slot, the cards are marked and the dice are loaded. If you grew up in Hungary in the 70s or 80s you must be familiar with the popular Bud Spencer, Terence Hill movie Two Missionaries. In one scene in the movie, Bud Spencer is playing roulette and the ball is manipulated to fall in a certain slot so that he wins. Reputable casinos couldn’t afford to cheat this way and besides, their games are regulated. 

In the online world casino also have myths about rigged games but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can easily find a licenced and regulated online casino on website Casinos on this website all accept Hungarian players and as they are licenced by a gaming authority they regularly undergo audits. Games in online casinos use a random number generator that generates cards, dice rolls and slot game spins. 

Myth 2: There is a strict dress code in casinos

When you watch movies like Casino Royale or The Hangover you get the idea that gents must wear a suit and ladies need to wear cocktail dresses to enter. While some casinos have some dress codes, usually it is just a collared shirt for gents and no shorts and sneakers. In certain evening events at casinos, there might be a more strict dress code but if so attendees would be notified in advance.

Casinos in Hungary usually don’t have a dress code and you are welcome to enter in whatever you feel comfortable with. 

In Las Vegas, even the best casino usually doesn’t require a dress code either. Casinos are typically inside hotels where hotel guests come and go. It would simply not be possible to establish a dress code for people who are forced to go through the casino floor to get to their room or the hotel’s swimming pool.

Myth 3: Royal Flush poker hand happens often

Let’s go back to Bud Spencer, Terence Hill movies and think about how often Johnny had a Royal Flush or a Full House. The truth is that the probability of a Royal Flush is 649.739: 1
In the movie Casino Royale, there is a scene where the players in the same game have a flush, two full houses, and a straight flush. The probability of this happening is 18 trillion to one. When people play poker in movies, the director wants to make the scene interesting but in reality, playing poker is not this glamorous.

Myth 4: Casinos hire goons to beat up cheating players

In the movie 21, there is a scene when a card counter gets beaten up. In reality, this is far away from the truth. Casinos do not like card counters but they would just ban you from entering their establishments and with their face recognition software, rest assured they would not be fooled even if you are wearing a disguise. Some casinos simply don’t pay out your winnings if you are caught counting cards in teams. 


Movies distort the picture of casinos in order to make the scenes more interesting and exciting. Casinos are not shady places with criminal associations and they don’t beat you up if you win big. Rare poker hands are really rare and chances are you will never have a Royal Flush in your life. Dress codes are not as strict and although there is glamour in visiting a casino, in most places you can wear whatever you want.