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THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT: Three Lessons From Beth Harmon

The Netflix limited series The Queen's Gambit is best described as delightful. A little girl, orphaned at a young age, is learning to play chess. That young girl's name is Beth Harmon and is played by an astounding Anya Taylor-Joy. While it remains focused on chess, the series has a lot to teach young professionals looking to achieve the impossible. Here are three lessons that Beth Harmon had to teach in The Queen's Gambit.


Stay Cool

There were moments when Beth wanted to jump out of her skin. Her play moves a knight, and her entire approach, the strategy she'd built over weeks, was suddenly useless. What happens next? Beth shows us, the audience, exactly how damaging being impulsive or overly emotional can be. The lesson that should be taken is to stay calm and think the problem out.



One of the things that set Beth Harmon apart during her rise to becoming a grand chess master was her desire to learn. She spent most of her time reading, learning, playing through scenarios in her head. When others came to teach her, they were surprised to hear that she'd already read most of their book suggestions. The lesson is that success comes from this sort of obsessiveness.


Resource Manager

Even if one person conceived the city of Rome, it indeed was not built by one person. Beth's success was not only her own doing. She had a team of people behind her who were helping her reach the finish line. To give herself the best chance possible, she needed to manage her time, friends, and resources well. The lesson is that proper planning and execution can mean the difference between success and failure.

The Queen's Gambit is a great reminder that some lessons can be taught through games. Chess is only one example of great life lessons that can be learned while having fun. To learn more, click here.