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New to Prime Video - COME TRUE

come true review
A troubled teen takes part in a mysterious sleep study.

Review by Eric Hillis

Directed by: Anthony Scott Burns

Starring: Julia Sarah Stone, Landon Liboiron, Skylar Radzion, Tiffany Helm, Chantal Perron, Tedra Rogers

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Throughout Anthony Scott Burns' Come True, I found myself racking my brains trying to figure out why a recurring piece of music sounded so familiar. The end credits informed me the track was the moody 'Coelocanth' by '80s rockers Shriekback and it clicked that I had always associated it with a scene from Michael Mann's Manhunter. Burns makes great effort to evoke Mann here, with neon blanketed visuals accompanied by a synth heavy score by Electric Youth and his own musical project Pilotpriest. It's a film that's certainly easy on the eyes and ears but its surface level pseudo-psychology ultimately leaves your mind rumbling for more brain pudding.

come true review

Julia Sarah Stone, a young Canadian actress who impressed in the otherwise problematic abuse drama Allure, plays Sarah, a troubled college kid who is so desperate to avoid her mother (for reasons never expounded upon) that she spends her nights sleeping in a local playground. As you might imagine, this is playing havoc with her studies, as she struggles to keep her eyes open during the day.

Sarah seemingly finds a solution to her predicament in the form of an ad requesting subjects for a sleep study. A good night's sleep and $12 an hour? It seems like the answer to her prayers, but when Sarah begins the study she finds herself plunged into a literal nightmare world.

come true review

Imagine A Nightmare on Elm Street if Freddy Krueger never actually materialised but was rather alluded to and occasionally glimpsed through a digital haze on a bank of monitors. That's essentially what you get here, as Sarah and her fellow snoozing subjects are visited in their dreams by the same Slender Man type figure. We're kept guessing throughout as to just what the origin of this mysterious figure is, leading to an audience insulting final twist that will have you throwing popcorn at the screen.

come true review

Stone does some fine work in the Heather Langenkamp stand-in role, and looks convincingly knackered throughout. It's her commitment to the piece that keeps us on board for so long, even as we reach a point halfway through where we realise we may be watching a movie that has little to offer beyond a well-mounted exercise in style. The depiction of Sarah's dreams offers some haunting Giger-esque imagery of twisted bodies and vaginal entrances, but there's barely enough substance here to sustain an episode of a TV horror anthology, let alone a 105 minute feature. File under 'Should have been a short."

Come True
 is on Prime Video UK now.