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RED WOODS Brings Fear to the Forest - New Trailer and Poster

red woods
First look at the backwoods set horror.

Written and directed by Nicholas Danko, Red Woods tells the story of a group of explorers who venture to the woods of rural Pennsylvania to document abandoned houses. As you might have guessed, they run into trouble and face a fight for survival as they attempt to escape a sinister force. The cast includes Michael Barnett, Jacquelynn Ware and Justin Rose.

Speaking about his film, Danko says "It’s a story inspired by the thrill and intrigue of exploring the decaying and the abandoned. Documenting these spooky old houses, there’s always that spine-tingling thought of ‘what if this place isn’t abandoned?’, or ‘Uh oh…what if these woods aren’t abandoned?’ Well let’s keep our cameras rolling just in case something terrifying happens."

Red Woods is on US VOD and blu-ray in February. A UK/ROI release has yet to be announced.

Check out the trailer and poster below.

The official synopsis reads:

RED WOODS follows a group of urban explorers who gather in Pennsylvania’s Redstone County Forest to capture footage of abandoned houses and tell their stories. But these “house chasers” get more than they bargained for when, after a series of grisly discoveries, they become the subjects of a different kind of story… one in which they are the ones being chased. Trapped in a swathe of woods so remote there’s only one way in or out, they quickly discover there is evil in their midst.  One among them has devised an insidious plot to construct a tale of terror using his victims’ own footage - and their fates will lie at the whim of his deadly game.  With cameras rolling, they must navigate a killer’s “playground” of destruction, because their escape is not part of his script. With its genre-bending approach, RED WOODS delivers a fresh take on modern horror.

red woods poster