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Winklevoss Twins’ Crypto Story to Now Be a Movie

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Most people would not have heard of Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, and those who would have would know the billionaire brothers from their role in the creation of Facebook. Their story was part of Ben Mezrich’s book The Accidental Billionaire, which served as the inspiration for the Oscar-winning movie The Social Network. The brothers were played by Armie Hammer in that movie, which showed how Mark Zuckerberg may have used the brothers’ idea for a restricted social network and put it into practice at Harvard, which is what then expanded and became the Facebook we know today. They ended up suing Zuckerburg, and won a $65 million settlement for their claim in court. The brothers also competed at the 2008 Olympics for the USA in rowing, but it is their more recent exploits which could soon be a movie.

Ben Mezrich’s new book, Bitcoin Billionaires, charts the Winklevoss twins’s story from the point of winning that settlement, as they also became one of the early investors into Bitcoin, putting $11 million into the cryptocurrency in 2013, and the subsequent rise in the cryptocurrency’s value has made them into the first crypto billionaires in the world. The movie rights for the book have now been picked up by Stampede Ventures, which is a production company owned by former Warner Bros’ president Greg Silverman, and the studio is partnering with the Winklevoss brothers to produce a movie of this story. Silverman will be co-producing this movie alongside Jon Berg, who has also worked on superhero blockbusters Aquaman and Wonder Woman.

This is of course a great example of how the movie industry is always on the lookout for the most relevant topics to create content on. Of course, at the moment, cryptocurrency is one of the hottest topics for people to base content on. It has been growing in popularity over the last few years, and more and more online providers and websites have begun accepting cryptocurrency payments. The online casino industry has been at the forefront of this, with various bitcoin slots and other crypto games being offered to users. These allow players to use cryptocurrencies to make payments and withdraw earnings, whether they prefer a bitcoin slot, roulette, or any other casino game for bitcoins. This option has become quite attractive for users, as it is extremely safe and difficult to hack these payments, as cryptocurrencies are underpinned by blockchain.

Thus, it is encouraging that we could soon have a movie about two of the early investors into the cryptocurrency space. According to Silverman, he first had the idea of making a movie on the brothers after reading an advance copy of the book, which was actually given to his son while he was interning at Winklevoss Capital by the twins. Silverman believed that the redemption story, as told in the book, combined with Mezrich’s excellent writing, would make for a compelling and one of a kind movie, which is why he decided to go for the movie adaptation rights. Silverman has characterised the story as ‘Rocky II meets Wall Street’, in terms of the fight and determination shown by the twins to recover from the shock of seeing Facebook become a global behemoth, but on the back of their idea. Their investment into Bitcoin was considered downright risky, and even crazy at that time, but it has been proven correct in a huge way since then - the value of that investment is over a billion dollars and climbing, showing that the twins have had a great eye for innovative and explosive products and services, which could also be seen in their initial idea for a social network. Thus, it will be extremely interesting to see how this movie pans out.