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FAREWELL AMOR and Hong Sang-Soo Head MUBI’s December Line-Up

The Woman Who Ran
MUBI UK has unveiled its December line-up.

MUBI's December line-up includes the latest from Korean auteur Hong Sang-soo, a new short from Peter Strickland and Ekwa Msangi's acclaimed immigration drama.

Farewell Amor

Farewell Amor
This December, the acclaimed Farewell Amor releases exclusively on MUBI. A Sundance prize-winning family drama from Ekwa Msangi, it follows the uncomfortable reunion between an Angolan man and his wife and daughter, who move from their home to join him in New York after 17 years apart.

The Woman Who Ran

Mubi Spotlight: The Woman Who Ran
MUBI presents the new film of a director they've championed in the past: Hong Sang-soo’s The Woman Who Ran, a new beguiling, gentle, female centred cinematic puzzle to solve, starring Kim Min-hee and winner of the Silver Bear award for Best Director at this year's Berlinale. On this occasion, they'll also be showing a selected double bill of his previous work, including Tale of Cinema (2005) and Nobody's Daughter Haewon (2013) to showcase the South Korean master’s unparalleled ability to expose the intricacies of human miscommunication.

Cold Meridian

Mubi Releases: Cold Meridian
A beguiling new short film from Peter Strickland (In Fabric, Berberian Sound Studio) shot on black and white Super8 and 16mm film. Originally commissioned by the London Short Film Festival to wriggle inside the Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) YouTube phenomenon, Cold Meridian follows the repeated rituals of an online performer and the transfixing, hypnotising effects she has on her viewers. The film also competed in this year’s San Sebastián International Film Festival.


Mubi Exclusive: Liberté
The new film from the provocative Catalan director Albert Serra, winner of the Un Certain Regard Special Jury Prize in Cannes, will have its streaming premiere on MUBI next month. Liberté is an elegantly composed, but often explicit, chronicle of the sexual adventures of a group of 18th-century libertines.

In this immersive black and white documentary, director Valentina Pedicini explores the inner workings of an Italian sect that straddles the line between monastery and kung-fu training.

Barbs, Wastelands
Shot in the Portuguese countryside, this short by young director Marta Mateus follows in the footsteps of cinema giant Pedro Costa, borrowing his narrative style to tell a story of revolution.

Un Film Dramatique
An experiment meant to celebrate cinema’s collaborative nature, Un Film Dramatique is an illuminating project in which a group of students take charge of the camera and use it to reflect on their experiences.

All the Vermeers in New York
This new restoration of Jon Jost’s most beloved film is a perfect introduction to his work for the uninitiated: a snapshot of New York in the '90s, All the Vermeers in New York is a love story that mirrors the one between art and finance.