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MOTHRA Flies to UK Blu-Ray - New Trailer and Artwork

The Japanese monster movie makes its UK home video debut in November.

2020 is quite the year for fans of Toho Studio's monsters. First Criterion delivered a Godzilla boxset. Then Arrow Video did likewise with the films of Gamera. Now Eureka Entertainment is bringing 1961's Mothra, directed by Toho giant Ishirō Honda, to UK blu-ray on November 16th.

Bonus features include both Japanese and English versions of the film (101 mins & 90 mins respectively); a new audio commentary with film historian and writer David Kalat; an archive commentary with authors and Japanese sci-fi historians Steve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski; an interview with film critic and author Kim Newman on the history and legacy of MothraMothra: 1974 Champion Festival Version [61 mins] – a special version of the film edited by Honda for the 1974 Toho Champion Festival (inclusion TBC); and stills galleries featuring rare archival stills and ephemera.

The movie comes packaged in a hardbound slipcase with a reversible poster featuring the film’s original US and Japanese poster artwork, and a 60-page collector's booklet featuring essays by Christopher Stewardson and Japanese cinema expert Jasper Sharp (Midnight Eye); a new interview with Scott Chambliss (production designer on 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters); an extract from Steve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski’s Ishirō Honda biography; and archival reviews and stills.

Check out Eureka's new trailer and artwork below.

The official synopsis reads:

Following reports of human life on Infant Island, the supposedly deserted site of atomic bomb tests, an international expedition to the heavily-radiated island discovers a native tribe and tiny twin female fairies called “Shobijin” who guard a sacred egg. The overzealous expedition leader kidnaps the Shobijin to exhibit in a Tokyo stage show but soon they summon their protector, hatching the egg and releasing a giant caterpillar. When Mothra arrives in Japan and transforms into her final form, the nation and its people face their destruction.

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