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Ishirō Honda Double Feature Coming to UK Blu-Ray - New Trailer and Artwork

Ishirō Honda Double Feature
Two of Honda's sci-fi movies make their UK blu-ray debuts.

You wait years for an Ishirō Honda movie to come to blu-ray and then a dozen arrive at once. This year we've seen the Japanese filmmaker's work featured in both extensive Godzilla and Gamera boxsets from Criterion and Arrow Video respectively. Now, hot on the heels of their release of Mothra, Eureka Entertainment are bringing Honda's The H-Man and Battle in Outer Space to blu-ray on November 16th as a double feature.

Bonus features include both Japanese and English versions of each film; commentaries on both films by Steve Ryfle and Ed Godziszewski, and David Kalat; and stills galleries. The discs come packaged in a limited edition o-card slipcase (first 2000 copies only) with a collector’s booklet featuring essays by Christopher Stewardson and Japanese cinema expert Jasper Sharp.

Check out Eureka's new trailer and artwork below.

In Tokyo, a mysterious radioactive liquid is dissolving people into slimy, sentient, seemingly indestructible, blobs of destruction! Part-Japanese gangster noir, part-gooey body melting horror, The H-Man (Bijo to Ekitai-ningen – ‘Beauty and the Liquid People’) is one of the most unique sci-fi films of the 1950s.

A series of mysterious catastrophes sweep the globe, causing the world’s scientists to conclude that beings from another planet are attacking Earth, and the world must unite to defend itself in a gigantic battle in outer space! With wonderful special effects sequences by Eiji Tsuburaya (Godzilla, Ultraman), and a rousing score by Akira Ifukube (Godzilla), Battle in Outer Space is a glorious sci-fi extravaganza.

Ishirō Honda Double Feature