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5 Creepiest Movies to Watch on Netflix before the End of August

Shutter 2004

Over the past few weeks, you have been watching various movies, and you have had a great time! Action movies have thrilled you, comedic films have made you laugh, educational movies have informed you, and religious ones have motivated you. In the coming weeks, you need something different. You crave a horror fix that will leave you terrified but overly entertained. Luckily, you can find thousands of dreadful and creepy movies on Netflix.

From demons and ghosts to creepy kids and animals, Netflix is a goldmine of horror movies. Nonetheless, with thousands of titles to choose from, it can be challenging for you to choose the ideal movie for you.

We have weeded through the murk for you and outlined the best chillers in the section below, with more action per minute than the Kentucky Derby horse race. Grab some popcorn and read on!

The Invitation (2015)
In case you are looking for the most realistic horror films to watch this month, then The Invitation is, without a doubt, the best bet for you.

This movie follows a story of Will (Logan Marshall-Green), who accepts an invitation from his ex-wife for a dinner party. Heart-warming banter and long-lost friends surround him, and he doesn't expect anything to go awry.

However, his mind is filled with the dark past of his previous relationships. He also notices his ex-wife's strange friends and notices something is off about this party.

Is he just imagining things in his mind, or is something menacing about to happen? Well, stream the movie tonight to find out the whole story!

The Wicker Man (1973)
Despite being a horror-mystery classic, The Wicker Man is a creepy film that should be at the helm of your watch list. In the movie by Robin Hardy, a British director, a policeman travels to a secluded village in the Scottish Island in the throes of a young girl's disappearance.

Sergeant Neil Howie (Edward Woodward) is the guy following the case using a mystery letter he received anonymously. On arriving at the locale, he learns that the missing girl never actually existed.

This movie is intense and is characterized by mystery and loads of horror scenes. In the Academy of Horror Science held in 1979, The Wicker Man was awarded as the Best Horror Film. This is proof that this movie has something special you should look out for. A remake was made in 2006 starring Nicolas Cage, but please stay away from that one.

Shutter (2004)
Shutter is a Thai Horror Film with a plot around Karmic Retribution. The movie is a creepy ghost story that will send jitters to anyone who sits to watch it. It opens with two love birds (Jane and Tun) enjoying a good time with friends. After a night of drinking and merry-making, they decide to drive home. On the way, they hit a woman crossing the road, and that's when things go south.

They decide to proceed with their journey without checking on her. Jane begins getting ghastly visions of the woman they hit, and Tun, who is a photographer, starts noticing distortions in all the images he takes.

With several neat scenes coupled with a well-executed ghost-story, Shutter is a horror film you shouldn’t overlook. Americans tried to make their own version in 2008, starring Joshua Jackson but it also didn’t quite live to its original counterpart.

Child’s Play (1988)
Are you craving a perfect blend of terror and horror? Well, Child’s Play has got you covered. The story begins when police officers kill a serial killer, Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif). Before he breathes his last, he enacts a voodoo spell and transfers his soul to the body of a plastic Good Guy Doll.

A nice lady innocently buys the doll for her son from an enigmatic street peddler. Once the doll arrives in her home, everything turns creepy and weird. You need to be strong to follow this eerie story to the end!

The Witch (2015)
The Witch is a colonial-period piece that follows the story of a family exiled from their rightful home as a result of their father's disagreements over a sculpture. They head out to a remote forest where they build a home. As soon as they settle, an unseen force takes away their last born son. Soon after, they notice that something wicked dwells in the woods, and this could be a threat to them.

The movie's unique setting and its outstanding scares make it one of the best horror films you should watch before the month ends.

There are thousands of horror movies on Netflix, but if you are looking for a hair-rising experience, consider watching the ones mentioned above.