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Shudder Announces Four New Exclusive Movies for May [Trailers]

confessional shudder
The horror streaming service has four new movies premiering exclusively in May.

Horror themed streaming service Shudder goes from strength to strength, announcing three original movies and an exclusive premiere for May.

z keegan connor tracy
Writer/director Brandon Christensen impressed us with his 2017 feature debut Still/Born, so we're looking forward to his latest effort. Z stars Keegan Connor Tracy (Bates Motel) as a mother who comes to realise that her son's imaginary friend may be very real, and very deadly. Co-written by Colin Minihan (Urban Legend, Spiral), Z also stars Sean Rogerson, Jett Klyne, Sara Canning and Stephen McHattie.

Shudder Original available May 7th.

A couple is shaken to the core when their eight-year-old son begins hanging out with a creepy and ominous imaginary friend.

monstrum korean movie
Winner of the Audience Award at the Sitges International Film Festival, director Jong-Jo Huh's Monstrum is a Korean period monster movie. In 16th century Korea, the populace is terrified of a monster purportedly terrorising the countryside. The King brings a once revered General out of retirement in an attempt to find the creature. Parasite's Woo-sik Choi stars alongside In-kwon Kim, Myung-Min Kim and Hyeri Lee.

Shudder Original available May 14th.

It’s the 16th Century. The plague has taken over and fear runs rampant in the streets. When rumors of a vicious beast roaming Mount Inwangsan—called “Monstrum” by terrified masses—begin to spread, fear turns into panic. In order to quell the rising panic, King Jungjong brings his most trusted general, Yoon-gyeom, back from retirement. Joined by his daughter Myeong, his right-hand man Seong-han, and royal court officer Heo, Yoon-gyeom sets out to find the mysterious creature. Is the creature, Monstrum, real? Or a figment of the fearful mass’ imagination? Will the people ever live in peace again?

Blood Machines
blood machines
This 50-minute oddity is a psychedelic sci-fi tale of a spaceship that manifests its soul in the shape of a ghostly young woman. Written and directed by Seth Ickerman and featuring an '80s inspired synth score by Carpenter Brut, Blood Machines stars Elisa Lasowski, Anders Heinrichsen and Noémie Stevens.

Shudder Original available May 21st.

Two space hunters are tracking down a machine trying to free itself. After taking it down, they witness a mystical phenomenon: the ghost of a young woman pulls itself out of the machine, as if the spaceship had a soul. Trying to understand the nature of this entity, they start chasing the woman through space.

confessional shudder
Director Brad T. Gottfred's Confessional takes place on a college campus in the aftermath of the mysterious deaths of two students. Seven fellow students find themselves blackmailed into entering a secret confessional booth and revealing their knowledge of the deaths. The film stars Marcus Scribner, Paris Berelc, Vanessa Marano, Lucas Adams, Annalisa Cochrane, Jess Gabor, Brandon Larracuente,  Jake Short and Mia Xitlali.

Shudder Exclusive available May 28th.

After two mysterious deaths at a college on the same night, seven students are blackmailed into revealing what they know inside a hidden confession booth. Their confessions unveil the truth—not just about the deaths, but about the confessional as well.

Also new and exclusive to Shudder UK in May are the second seasons of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs and Wolf Creek.