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New Trailer for Sci-Fi Romance RED ROVER

red rover
First look at director Shane Helcourt's indie sci-fi romantic drama.

Before COVID-19 destroyed the world economy there was much talk about the possibilities of colonising Mars at some point in the future, with several people already signing up for speculative expeditions.

Director Shane Helcourt's Red Rover stars Kristian Bruun (Ready or Not) as Damon, a disillusioned man who signs on for a one way trip to the red planet when he accepts a flyer from musician Phoebe (Cara Gee). But as the trip draws near, Damon and Phoebe grow closer, leading the former to wonder if he's made a very bad mistake. Meghan Heffern and Anna Hopkins also star.

Red Rover debuts on US VOD May 12th. A UK/ROI release has yet to be announced.

Check out the trailer, poster and official synopsis below.

red rover poster

The official synopsis reads:

Damon (Kristian Bruun) spends his waking hours searching for that elusive something. Whether it’s for deeper meaning, love, or just “treasure” on the beach with his metal detector, but to no avail. So when Damon meets an offbeat musician named Phoebe (Cara Gee) handing out flyers for a one way trip to Mars, a bond quickly forms. She’s going to help him find that thing he is looking for by sending him 33.9 million miles away, even though what he needs might be right in front of him.