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Five Live Attractions Based on Movies

Since the birth of the modern blockbuster in the '70s with movies like Jaws and Star Wars, successful films have spawned commercial spinoffs, from toys to t-shirts, lunchboxes to video games.

But some have gone a step further, with elaborate live attractions allowing fans to experience the thrills of their favourite films in a live setting.

Here are five notable examples of movies that made the switch from screen to a live setting.

Gremlins Invasion

Sadly no longer in operation, 'Gremlins Invasion' (also known as 'The Great Gremlin Adventure') was an interactive attraction hosted at the Australian and German Warner Brothers Movie World amusement parks. Opening in 1991, Gremlins Invasion seated its participants in a screening room, where they were initially innocently treated to outtakes from a selection of Warner Bros. movies. But just as the audience was getting comfortable, 56 Gremlins were set loose in the screening room, forcing the audience to escape through the Warner Bros. film vaults, aided by loveable mogwai Gizmo.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

Inspired by the pulse pounding runaway mine car set-piece from Steven Spielberg's Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, this rollercoaster is located in Disneyland Paris. The first Disney theme park ride to feature loops, it has been terrifying visitors since it opened in 1993. Set inside the giant 'Temple of Peril', the attraction seats its riders in a replica of a mine car before taking them on an adrenaline rush of an experience in which they spend a lot of time upside down!

Jurassic World Live Tour

Inspired by the ongoing Jurassic Park franchise, the Jurassic World Live Tour is a stage spectacle that gives fans of the series the chance to experience those terrifying dinosaurs in the flesh - well, as close as possible until some mad scientist really does bring back the dinosaurs. Those lucky enough to have purchased Amalie Arena tickets for its recent Florida production were thrilled by a show that featured 24 life-size dinosaurs, as seen in the wildly popular Jurassic movies.

The Lion King: The Musical

1994's animated feature The Lion King is credited with helping to revive the fortunes of Disney, who last year remade the film using state of the art technology to give it a 'live action' look. So beloved is the '94 original that it inspired a hugely successful and enduring stage musical adaptation. Since its 1997 Broadway debut the show, which features songs written by Elton John and Tim Rice, has been performed in cities across the globe, including London, Tokyo and Mexico City.

Saw: The Ride

One of the most gruesome movie series ever made, the Saw franchise may not seem the most obvious franchise to inspire a theme park attraction, but England's Thorpe Park is host to 'Saw: the Ride'. This terrifying rollercoaster sends its riders hurtling through a series of 'traps' inspired by the bloody movies, all while the series' creepy puppet, Jigsaw, pops up to taunt the terrified riders. And to think people pay money for this!

These are just some of the many movie inspired attractions that can be found around the world. Florida plays host to many such rides and shows, and if you're paying a visit to the Tampa Bay area, be sure to check the Amalie Arena schedule to see which great live shows are lined up for your entertainment.