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New to Netflix - THE COURIER

the courier review
An ex-special forces courier is framed for the attempted murder of a witness set to testify against a powerful figure.

Review by Ben Peyton

Directed by: Zackary Adler

Starring: Olga Kurylenko, Gary Oldman, Amit Shah, Alicia Agneson, William Moseley, Dermot Mulroney

the courier dvd

The Courier opens with a frenetic montage of newspaper headlines and television reports that barely give you a chance to find out that Ezekiel Mannings (Gary Oldman) is a very naughty boy with links to organised crime and terrorism. Mannings is promptly apprehended and placed under house-arrest. Awaiting trial, his conviction hinges on the testimony of Nick Murch (Amit Shah), a witness to a brutal murder.

the courier review

Unwittingly used as a stooge to silence Murch, Olga Kurylenko’s motorcycle courier is framed for the botched attempt on his life and together the pair must battle overwhelming odds to get Nick to safety and put Mannings behind bars. Unfortunately for the bad guys, the courier is a former Special Forces soldier who just happens to have a very particular set of skills. Skills that she puts to use in lethal fashion.

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Set in real-time and primarily in a multi-story car park, there’s something grimly satisfying about watching Kurylenko stylishly offing anonymous henchmen 10 times the size of her, but apart from some fantastic fights, a weak script coupled with two pantomime performances make The Courier destined for action-thriller mediocrity. It's a shame because there's a solid film in here desperately trying to be seen.

the courier review

William Moseley’s pill-popping corrupt FBI agent is so laughably over-the-top that he fails to register any menace whatsoever and somebody needs to have a word with Oldman’s agent, because this, along with Killers Anonymous from earlier this year, is yet another waste of his undoubted talents. Here, he shouts a lot and wears an eye-patch. That’s it.

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Director Zackary Adler embraces the genre and successfully keeps the plot zooming along while the fight scenes are expertly choreographed and clear to see. Some lighter moments, mainly courtesy of Shah, are amusing, but there isn’t one memorable action sequence out of the many on display.

the courier review

Worth watching for Kurylenko’s spritely action skills and Adler’s knowing direction, but ultimately The Courier fails to deliver.

The Courier is on Netflix UK now.