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Mike's Strange Cinema Cavalcade - GUNS

guns 1990 review
More guns and girls from Andy Sidaris.

Review by Mike Vaughn

Directed by: Andy Sidaris

Starring: Erik Estrada, Dona Speir, Bruce Penhall, Danny Trejo, Chuck McCann, Cynthia Brimhall

guns 1990 bluray

Thanks to Mill Creek Entertainment we once again get a heaving helping of Andy Sidaris. In fact, to date we have six of his films on Blu-Ray and possibly six more since they seem to be upgrading their 12-film 'Guns Girls and G-String Collection' released in 2011.

Andy is a polarising figure in cult cinema and you either love him for his give-zero-shits style of filmmaking, nonstop action and lots and lots and lots of softcore sex and breasts, or you think he's a sexist hack who made mindless schlock. I tend to like Sidaris exactly for the schlock value, mindless cheese and his almost utter lack of irony when it comes to storytelling.

guns 1990 review

The aptly titled Guns tells the story of an arms runner who uses his base of operations in the lush and tropical Hawaii Islands. Of course, the Agents known as LETHAL are hot on his tracks in this gloriously cheesy epic by Sidaris.

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Like Sidaris's other films, Guns is bathed in tropical sunlight, bright garish neon and lots of babes busting out of their tops at any given moment. The film is so painfully late '80s / early '90s in its hairstyles and clothes that it wonderfully reeks of late night direct to cable fare. The plot is, of course, very black and white, with the same corny dialogue, predictable outcomes, explosions, random ninjas and - because it’s a Sidaris film - lots of softcore sex and nudity.

guns 1990 review

The cast is actually pretty good. Erik Estrada, with his quaffed hair and swagger, hams it up as the man baddie, and Danny Trejo is always great as Tong, the main henchman. Dona Speir, a regular of Andy’s, is great as always, seeming to have a lot of fun in her performance.

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Probably the most surprising role is the late great, legendary comic Chuck McCann, who plays part fed, part magician. Yes, you heard that correctly. McCann is having a blast hamming it up and using his trademark physical comedy to make his small role incredibly memorable. He fittingly goes out in a fantastic blaze.

guns 1990 review

If you’re not already a fan of Sidaris's output thus far, you probably won't love this one because frankly, while I enjoy its camp value, it's not my favourite in his filmography. However, if you love mindless entertainment that is wonderfully dated, then I think you`ll have a good time. His movies are especially fun while watching with a large crowd of like-minded fans.

Mill Creek Entertainment has provided fans with a great Blu-Ray which sports a 4K transfer and an array of features including a director's introduction (with the option to play before the movie) and a feature length director's commentary. Rounding out the features is a  behind the scenes featurette and trailers. Worth putting into your movie collection.

Guns is on blu-ray now from Mill Creek Entertainment.

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