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Cinema's Greatest Gamblers

Gamblers have proven exciting subjects for many movies of the years. Here are five of the most memorable.

James Bond

When Sean Connery first uttered the immortal line "Bond, James Bond," in Dr.No, it was during a card game against the titular villain. Along with his many other skills, 007 is an expert gambler, which makes you wonder why he gets himself into so much trouble when he could stay at home and win big on sites like Syndicate Casino Canada. For the ultimate 007 gambling movie, check out Daniel Craig's debut as the character in Casino Royale.

The Cincinnati Kid

Played by Steve McQueen, Eric Stoner aka 'The Kid', is a poker player in depression era New Orleans on a quest to become the top player in the US. This leads him to an epic showdown with Lancey "The Man" Howard, played by legendary actor Edward G. Robinson.

Henry "Shaw" Gondorff

In the Oscar winning The Sting, Paul Newman plays Henry "Shaw" Gondorff, a conman and expert gambler who, along with Robert Redford's Johnny "Kelly" Hooker, sets out to pull an epic con on mob boss Doyle Lonnegan (Robert Shaw). It may have been safer for Gondorff to visit secure online casino sites, but in one of the film's most memorable scenes he takes on Lonnegan in a game of poker.

Mike McDermott

In one of his first lead roles, Matt Damon played Mike McDermott in gambling drama Rounders. McDermott is a law student but his real ambition is to win the world series of poker. This leads him to cross paths with a Russian mobster (John Malkovich), and McDermott will need to call on his poker skills to pay off a debt...or else.

Ben Campbell

21 is a 2008 film inspired by true events. Jim Sturgess plays Ben Campbell, a maths wiz who uses his analytical skills to make a killing at casinos. What follows is a web of double crosses. With casino slot games to play safely online, Campbell should have stayed at home.