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7 Foreign Gambling Movies you need to watch

Gambling is a worldwide phenomenon and popular online at sites like Mana88, and America is not the only country that knows how to create a dramatic, fun-filled movie with a bit of gaming in it. Here are a few foreign gambling flicks that you just can’t miss.

The Gambler

You don’t usually think of Lithuania as a place for great movies, but The Gambler is one of the best films across the world in 2013, not just the country. Ignas Jonynas really cut his teeth on this film and created a directing career for himself. The cinematography was also well received, as was the storyline. The character Vincentas puts himself at great risk to finance his love of gaming, with plenty of intrigue and illegal activity that all of you underground crooks will cherish.

Casino Raiders

The story of Sam Law and Crab Chan came along during a time that gambling stories were highly popular in Asia. 1989 was a great year for gaming cinema, but most of the movies coming out were light fare. Casino Raiders broke from this trend and took a decidedly darker tone. If you want to see the underbelly of gambling brought to the light, Casino Raiders is a great choice.

The Conman

Hong Kong gambling movies have gained a reputation for their quality, and The Conman was one of the films that made the industry here cool. The layout of the casinos here served as an inspiration for Casumo online casino and many other top online casinos today. The plot gave us a wide variety of colorful characters and plenty of comedy and drama. The movie also brought Nick Cheung a Hong Kong Film Nomination for his performance.

From Vegas to Macau

For many international cinema buffs, From Vegas to Macau is the penultimate mix of crime and comedy. Chow Yun-fat returns to the series as well as many other regulars, giving the movie a familiarity that helped it garner its own sequel in the following year. However, before you watch Vegas to Macau II, get the basics of the storyline with this classic.


By most accounts, this was the movie that pushed Clive Owen to international stardom. As Jack Manfred, Owen puts himself into the shady world of casino gaming. The love and intrigue that he experiences is one of the truly great dramas of any gambling film in recent history. You get love and life lessons along with drama and entertainment that many AAA Hollywood flicks have trouble putting together. It isn’t often that an American actor goes out of the country and seems to take the foreign market as seriously as Owen takes this performance, but you are definitely getting a winner here from any angle that you choose to view from.


Estonia is another country that does not necessarily ring bells when it comes to cinema, much less a movie that features gambling. However, Demons is a beautiful look into the dark side of gambling and what it can do to someone who is not prepared for his own limits. The movie was one of the most well received movies from the region in 2012, garnering nominations from the Estonian Film Awards and the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in 2012.

The Pelayos

The Pelayo family is an actual family that discovered a legitimate way to beat the roulette tables. The movie is a true story, following the short but incredibly successful gaming career of Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo. Gonzalo was able to put his math degree to use for him in the casino, and the outcome is one that you might not expect. Although the house has definitely caught up to the methods that Gonzalo used to make his money, you can still watch this Canadian film for the skill of the performances and the inspiration of the character.

Don’t let these seven movies be the last time you go out of America to find a great gambling movie. The international gambling market is moving at an accelerated rate, and it shows no signs of slowing down. As the industry expands, we can fully expect even more of these classics to come out of the lifestyle!