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Watch Matteo Garrone's New Short Film, ENTERING RED, Starring Ana De Armas

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The Italian auteur has directed a short for Campari.

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Campari Red Diaries is an ongoing series of short films based around the concept that "every cocktail tells a story." The latest edition, titled Entering Red, is directed by acclaimed Italian filmmaker Matteo Garrone (Gomorrah; Dogman) and stars Cuban actress Ana de Armas (Blade Runner 2049; Knock Knock) along with some of the world's top bartenders.

You can watch Entering Red below, and if it puts you in the mood for a trip around Milan visit

The official synopsis reads:

Entering Red is a suspenseful and intriguing story, where viewers get to know Ana, played by the eponymous Ana De Armas, who explores the charismatic city of Milan through the enchanting lens of Campari.

The film opens in a bar where Ana sees a mysterious man, played by Lorenzo Richelmy.  When this mysterious man leaves the bar, Ana realizes there’s a ring left on the table, marked with the word “N100.” Curious, Ana embarks on an empowering journey to understand the meaning behind this mysterious clue.  Step by step, she follows her Soul, Mind and Heart with the help of expert bartenders, the Red Hands, who know more than most about the world she is discovering. These three elements when combined, represent the gin, red vermouth and Campari, which come together to create the perfectly balanced blend that makes up the Negroni and becomes N100, a spectacular celebration of the iconic and timeless cocktail’s centenary.

Surrounding the Red Hands and metaphorically guarding their wisdom and expertise, the bar she discovers in the final scene represents Campari’s quintessential orange peel, much like the shape of Leonetto Cappiello’s timeless artwork, the Spiritello. A celebratory ending to Ana’s journey of discovery and one that highlights the boundless possibilities that occur when you open your mind to new experiences and enter the red.