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88 Films Bring Two Cult Cannibal Flicks To Blu-Ray In March

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Cult distributor 88 Films release two cannibal films on UK blu-ray March 11th.

At the top of the cannibal movie tree are the likes of such infamous films as Cannibal Holocaust, Cannibal Ferox, Mountain of the Cannibal God and Emanuelle and the Last Cannibals. A pair of lesser known cannibal flicks, 1988's The Green Inferno: Cannibal Holocaust 2 and 1981's Cannibal Terror, arrive on blu-ray this March courtesy of cult distributor 88 Films.

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Despite its title, The Green Inferno: Cannibal Holocaust 2 isn't an official sequel to Ruggero Deodato's notorious 1980 shocker. Directed by Antonio Climati, The Green Inferno (which takes its name from the film within Deodato's film and shouldn't be confused with Eli Roth's recent atrocity) was the last gasp of the cannibal movement, and satirises many of the tropes of the genre.

Special features include a 2K remastered version of the film; English and Italian language tracks; a remastered trailer; selected scenes from cannibal doc Banned Alive: The Rise and Fall of Italian Cannibal Movies.

For years fans waited for the release of a sequel to Ruggero Deodato's trendsetting Cannibal Holocaust, yet it would take almost a decade for The Green Inferno, also known as Cannibal Holocaust 2, to arrive... and it wasn’t what followers of the Italian cannibal cycle were expecting.

A group of enterprising adventurers venture into the Amazon jungle in search of a missing professor but soon the youngsters encounter more than they bargained for – European colonialism is exploiting the rainforest and the natives are fighting back! While Deodato's original critiqued the mondo pseudo-documentary phenomenon, here director Antonio Climati (Mondo Cane, Savage Man, Savage Beast) turns the focus to satirising the hypocrisy and complexity of Cannibal Holocaust itself. A potent mix of macabre imagery, scenic locations, extreme gore and sly in-jokes, The Green Inferno is the gut-munching sequel you always knew you wanted but were too afraid to ask for!

88 films cannibal terror

Cannibal Terror is that rarity - a French cannibal film! Director Alain Deruelle's movie found itself on the UK Video Nasties list upon its VHS release, despite it being more laughable than revolting, thanks to its non-existent budget and amateur cast.

Special features include a limited edition slipcase on the first print run only; a booklet with writing by genre historian Calum Waddell; a deleted scene; trailer; That's Not The Amazon! - The Strange Story of the Eurocine Cannibal Film Cycle.

First there was Cannibal Holocaust… Then came Cannibal Ferox … But somewhere in France, someone was already hatching a plot to cash-in on the Italian intestinal classics with Cannibal Terror. With no budget, no professional actors and no flights to Amazonia, Cannibal Terror instead gives us Deodato and Lenzi on a cash-strapped level and the end result is The Room of cannibal movies! Brilliant and blood-soaked late night entertainment, Cannibal Terror was one of the UK’s infamous 'video nasties' - showing that our beloved censors have little in the way of a sense of humour! However, this torrid tale of stranded tourists being hunted by hungry natives is a work of demented genius from director Alain Deruelle that words can barely do service to. Prepare to feast your eyes on Cannibal Terror!

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88 Films presents The Green Inferno: Cannibal Holocaust 2 and Cannibal Terror on Blu-ray 11th March 2019.