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The Importance Of Social Media In The Film Industry

You could say that social media is one of the most important and biggest inventions over recent times. It’s transformed not only people’s daily lives, but countless industries too. Social media has quickly become the number one way to stay up to date with the latest goings on, as well as being how people communicate with each other and how industries also reach out to their specific audiences.

An industry that has social media at the center of everything they do these days is the film industry. One of the first areas where social media has become integral to the industry is promotion. Before the days of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, the general public heard about new films through word of mouth, advertisements on television or at the cinema and in magazines. Now, these social media platforms have become vital when it comes to promoting an upcoming release, helping to market it to targeted audiences.

In fact, it is currently the norm to see films having their own pages set up on platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook; which encourages audiences to engage by following the film’s account. Once people are following a film’s social media account, it allows them to be updated in terms of filming and production. These accounts also allow followers to interact with each other as well as those involved in the film too, such as writers, directors and those starring in the movie. This all helps to create a community where everyone can connect over their shared passion of a film.

There are many films which form part of a series, rather than just being one offs, and social media has started to play a huge part in this area too. Facebook, Twitter and the likes have become the perfect way for film creators to listen to what viewers are saying about films that have been released and the potential for more. Having the ability to know exactly what most fans want, and don’t want, is only going to help make a film or a movie franchise even more successful. Feedback has become integral and it helps to maintain the longevity of a series in many aspects too, with films like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones being prime examples. In fact, some of this feedback has even led to products and services completely outside the film industry like Game of Thrones being the inspiration for an online slots game or Harry Potter board games.

Now, not every film is going to have the funding needed to make it a reality, and again social media can play a big part in making things happen. Crowdfunding has become huge over recent years, helping many projects to take off, one being films. If people like a concept for a movie, they can donate to help make the project happen. Therefore, with social media assisting in spreading the word, it can keep everyone updated on the progress behind the scenes and what they should expect and when.

So, not only is social media important in the promotion of new and upcoming films and for gathering feedback, it has also become a way for those with great ideas for movies to get the required funding to turn their concept into a reality, proving just how powerful social media is for the film industry in the modern era.