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Best Romantic Films to Watch With Your Significant Other

Of the many good and exciting pictures of world movie industry, it is difficult to choose the best romantic films: they are all exciting and completely different. We offer you the most interesting and touching films about love that will make you rejoice, laugh, cry and empathize with the heroes. 

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

The script of the film is based on the same name book by Francis Scott Fitzgerald.

This is a story about love, loyalty, devotion and life challenges. Events unfold around a baby born with the appearance of an old man. Parents renounced the freak. The boy survived thanks to the kindness of absolute strangers to him. He grew up in the opposite direction, not aging, but becoming younger from day to day.

The girl, the woman with whom Benjamin (Brad Pitt) bound his life, accepted him as he is, and nursed in deep old age. "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" is a movie about sincere love.

The Great Gatsby

The romantic film is based on a book by Francis Scott Fitzgerald, published in 1925. The picture was accepted ambiguously: critics scolded it, spectators - admired. Despite the ups and downs, the film received two Oscar awards and two awards from the British Film Academy.

This is a story about the tragic love of a guy who has become indecently rich due to coincidence, and a married woman from a noble family. They were familiar even before Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio) returned from the front as a millionaire.

Beautiful love and ridiculous death, the life of the golden youth of America of the 1920s, family relations and human values ​​are far from a complete list of issues touched in this film.

Night Games

Max and Annie converge on the basis of addiction to all sorts of games - mostly non-traumatic and calm. But one day, the brother of Max Brooks calls them for the evening, which will bring the game to a new level. He must be kidnapped by unknown people, and the participants of the race have the task to find a victim. The winner will receive a very good prize. However, when the game begins, it becomes not very clear - it's just a game or a real kidnap.

Love in the Time of Cholera

A beautiful love story was based on the novel of the same name by Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Between young people of different social status, real feelings flash out, but the girl's parents force her to marry a more affluent admirer. Years of separation only strengthened the feelings of the young man, so he is willing to wait for his love as long as it takes, even if it takes his whole life.

50 First Dates

Perhaps the most unusual story of the relationship tells about the guy Henry, who falls in love with Lucy at the first meeting. By the evening he conquers her heart, and at night falls asleep with the certainty that he found that one. But the next day presents an unpleasant surprise - Lucy is sick with amnesia, so she resides the same day. Although the girl does not remember Henry, he intends to fight for her love every day.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

The picture tells about lovers who, due to an unpleasant quarrel and a break in relations, try to forget each other and turn to a company that provides services for erasing memories. But can the heroes live without each other? This is a very sweet and at the same time a serious film, sharply raising questions about love, which we are afraid to ask each other.

What Dreams May Come

The story tells of love, both during life and after death. The main character, Annie, after the death of her husband and children, can not stand it and ends up suicidal. For this, she falls into hell, while her family attains immortality. To reunite with Annie, the main character goes to the most horrible place in the other world.

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