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The Top Netflix Releases You Can Expect In July 2018

It’s July soon as we are sure you would be looking for some new movies to binge watch. While you do have some new movies like Incredibles 2 and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom that you could watch by going to a movie theatre near you, there is more that you can do.

For one, you could try out some Poker Stars reviews to play some of the best casino slots games. Or, if you have a Netflix subscription, there is plenty for you to look forward to – whether it be a new Netflix Original movie or the return of some of the more popular Netflix series this year.

We will take a look at just what you can expect in this list below.

The Top Netflix Originals You Can Expect in July

Here is what you can expect from Netflix this July!

The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter
This one’s from the Comedy genre and will be available as soon as July 6th. Featuring the likes Danny McBride, the movie talks about the journey of a hunting star, who goes out with his 12 year-old son. The movie talks about the father son bonding and is perhaps one of the feel good ones out there. The movie, released at other shows, has some mixed reviews on offer.

Somebody Feed Phil
It’s not just TV series or movies that Netflix deals with. There are travel docu-series as well and this one will release on July 6th, though a bit delayed. Now, when it comes to travel documentaries, you would want to explore countries and regions and know how people live the world over. Somebody Feed Phil doesn’t disappoint.

After Anthony Bourdain’s death, his travel documentary didn’t make a reappearance as expected. Now though, Phil Rosenthal's docuseries will be back for its second season. This season, you can expect to travel to places like New York, Ireland, and South Africa, exploring the local cultures and the local foods.

This Comedy series will have its first season, and just like the others above, releases on July 6th, 2018 and will be Netflix's third original series. Samantha’s series talks about the journey with her family, who just don’t abide by what’s defined as ‘normal’, leading to some hilarious scenarios. The series is a fun one at that. It’s to be seen just how popular she can make the series.

Sacred Games
It’s not just English language movies and series that Netflix is popular for. It’s increasingly trying to vary its content offering and reach out to newer markets, and Sacred Games is just one example for it.

Sacred Games, perhaps Netflix’s first serious venture in India, has some of the biggest Bollywood stars in its lineup. You have the likes of Saif Ali Khan and Radhika Apte leading the pack for instance. It’s action driven and sure to give you the adrenaline rush you need. It’s made in Hindi, but don’t worry - there are English sub titles for you to enjoy it.

You can get your hands on the series - the first season - this 6th of July.

Orange is the New Black
Unlike some of the others above, this is one of the popular series that will release around the end of next month, on July 27th, 2018. It’s the sixth season and perhaps the final one for OiTNB in 2018.  It’s sure to be the biggest one till date and surely one that fans are looking forward to like no other.

There is a lot that Netflix has to offer. Which is going to be the one series or movie that you cannot miss out on and why?