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First Trailer & Poster For Austrian Slasher PARTY HARD, DIE YOUNG

First look at director Dominik Hartl's upcoming slasher.


Austrian filmmaker Dominik Hartl scored an international horror hit with his 2016 romp Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies. His latest, Party Hard, Die Young returns to the classic slasher template of a bunch of pretty young people being butchered by a masked killer.

Hartl's film stars Elisabeth Wabitsch, Michael Glantschnig and Michael Ostrowski, and follows a group of Austrian teens who find themselves battling for survival on a holiday in Croatia.

Party Hard, Die Young premieres at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival on April 10th. A UK release has yet to be announced.

The official synopsis reads:

Finally, graduation! No more high school! In order to celebrate, Julia, her classmates and thousands of fellow graduates are on their way to an island resort in Croatia. It’s supposed to be the party of their lives. The harmless fun, however, soon turns dead serious. When a friend is killed in a tragic accident, the party people’s euphoria is crushed. Moreover, Julia’s best friend Jessica has been missing and she is the only one who believes in a connection between the two incidents. Unfortunately soon after, her suspicion is confirmed when Jessica’s lifeless body is washed up on the shore. Now the trip is about sheer survival, as Julia realizes that she’s probably the next victim. Could it all be connected to a long-buried incident from the clique’s past?