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Interview - BUTCHER THE BAKERS Director Tyler Amm

butcher the bakers
Director Tyler Amm talks his new horror-comedy, Butcher the Bakers.

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In a few words, what’s the film about?

A recently fired Grim Reaper has gone rogue and is murdering people and collecting their souls for some unknown purpose. It’s up to two idiot bakery employees to hunt him down and kill him before he completes his nefarious plan.

What initially appealed to you about it?

Really I just wanted to see two idiots have to save the day and learn virtually nothing from it. They are who they are, and by being their loud and obnoxious selves they still managed to save the day.

butcher the bakers

Would you compare the storyline to anything we’ve seen in earlier films? Anything you can say is an intentional homage?

There are some jokes and sight gags that definitely play homage to films we loved. As far as the plot, I’d say there is some inspiration from Bill & Ted and Hellraiser. An odd combination, but one that makes us laugh.

Do you write with a budget in mind?

Definitely. I don’t want to set myself or my team up for failure by pushing for a scope or scale we can’t meet. You’ll have a better product if you write with your resources in mind. Some might say that’s limiting; I find it challenging and enjoyable.

Besides what it’ll do for your career, are there any standouts involved in the film that you believe will see a real career boost from being involved in it?

I think everyone who worked on Butcher the Bakers is worthy of furthering their career or working on other projects. I think it has more to do with your passion and dedication than it does raw talent. Specifically though, I think the entire lead cast should continue to act more. I’ve heard compliments from others about all of them and personally loved their performances.

Have doors opened for you as a result of it?

I’ve earned some opportunities to write or edit for others and I appreciate them. Who knows where it will go, but ultimately I’d just be happy making my films in my home town.

Has it all gone according to plan for you? Anything you’ll do differently next time around?

My plan has always been to just make the kind of films I’d like to watch and thus far I’m achieving that goal. I’m not in it for money nor do I dream of “making it” in the industry. So long as I can work with my team and make weird comedy films then I’ll be happy.

butcher the bakers

What’s ahead for you?

We have a six episode gothic talk show coming to YouTube called The Benevolent Buckley Show. It follows an erratic talk show host as he tries to keep his show on the public access airwaves.

Insert the blank. If you loved… you’ll love my movie.

If you love films like Evil Dead, Dead Alive, Re-Animator, or any shlocky horror movie with a comedy twist, then you’ll mildly enjoy Butcher the Bakers.

Butcher the Bakers is on VOD now from Dark Cuts.