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Sight & Sound Name Their 25 Best 'Films' Of 2017

get out
List season is officially underway.

You'll have to wait another few weeks for our end of year list, as we still have a few tasty looking movies arriving in December, but other outlets have begun to drop theirs.

The most prestigious of them all, Sight & Sound's 25 Best 'Films' of 2017, has just hit the internet. We've put 'Films' in inverted commas due to the inclusion of Twin Peaks: The Return, which takes the number two spot behind Jordan Peele's Get Out.

188 critics and curators from across the globe voted in the poll, and here's how the top 25 panned out:

1. Get Out (Read our review)

2. Twin Peaks: The Return (Read our review)

3. Call Me by Your Name (Read our review)

4. Zama

5. Western

6. Faces Places (Read our review)

7. Good Time (Read our review)

8. Loveless (Read our review)

9. Dunkirk (Read our review)

9. The Florida Project (Read our review)

11. A Ghost Story (Read our review)

12. Lady Macbeth (Read our review)

12. 120 BPM (Read our review)

12. You Were Never Really Here (Read our review)

15. God's Own Country

16. Personal Shopper (Read our review)

16. The Shape of Water (Read our review)

16. Strong Island

19. I Am Not Your Negro

19. Lady Bird

19. Let the Sunshine In (Read our review)

19. Moonlight (Read our review)

19. Mother! (Read our review)

19. Mudbound (Read our review)

25. The Other Side of Hope (Read our review)

25. Silence (Read our review)