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"The Gambler" Great Writer and Great Player

There is always this tendency for folks outside the academic and literary world to believe some unbelievable facts. For them, when people are well read, and when they know their route through the use of big words and the coinage of wonderful expressions, they become demi-gods. For these lots, this places such fellows in the same realm with the gods, and they stand above several mistakes. This would never be better than the no deposit online slots when the casino game lovers are involved. When you have a man in the person of Mark Wahlberg who knows his onions in the literary world, turning into a gambling addict, you are pushed to question all that. He was placed in very dangerous circumstances by his ever growing desire for gambling, when he should have just used a PPH service. Because of this, you cannot help but search for the relationship between being a great writer and a great gambler.

The contradicting life of Mark Wahlberg in ‘The Gambler’

Everybody will always have a reason to go to the casino the next day. It may be to recover the money they lost the previous day. It may be because of the fun they enjoy there. It may be because they want to make more money. It may also be because of the weird ideology of either you win it all or you lose it all just like Mark Wahlberg believed. Yet he was a literature professor who should have known more about the concept of restraint and self control. But he allowed his love for gambling to put him into problems that even threatened his life. Many will say that having to borrow one person to pay off another is a very silly move. But the fact is that because it solved an old and life threatening problem to produce a new one that is not so threatening - makes it is a better way to go. But was this money used for the stated purpose? It also went into gambling! He had control over his writing, but not over his gambling.

The great writer and great player

In the film, the fact that Mark was a literary icon is nothing to be debated. As a professor of literature, his entire life was about writing and reading. Many books are credited to anyone before the person is declared a professor in literary science. However, the subject to be debated is whether he is really a great gambler.

The answer to this question came when Mark as Bennet convinced the two people he is indebted to, to agree to a meet where he will pay them off by wagering enough money for it. Because the only aim is to repay both men, and because he succeeded in winning the single roulette spin to pay them off, he is actually a great player.

Another angle to this is that the entire life of Bennet was about gambling. Owing different people at a time and convincing Lamar to take the basketball point-shaving scheme are gambles. Convincing his mother to lend him some money to clear his debts and borrowing money from Lee, Frank and Baraka without any known means of repaying them, are all great gambles.

They may not seem like the slots for all kind of players that you enjoy in the casino, but the entire action smacks of a great all round life gambler.