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Most Anticipated Movies Of 2017

2017 is one year that movie lovers will surely love. There are so many great movies that were announced and it will be quite difficult to choose which one to see first when some will come up. With hundreds of great movies that could appear, choosing the very best ones will be difficult. However, we can easily take a look at those that are the most anticipated. Based on survey made by OZCodes, the movies that are listed below can be seen as the most anticipated this year.

Transformers: The Last Knight

The latest movie in the Transformers franchise promises to be a lot better than the rest since it redefines the concept of hero in the autobots world. The transformers and the humans will be at war, making everything much more different than what we saw in the last movies in the series.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

This is highly anticipated since it is the last movie in the highly successful Pirates Of The Caribbean saga. This time the popular Jack Sparrow will be faced with a deadly ghost, one that has something personal to solve with the jolly captain.

The Fate Of The Furious

The movie will most likely be the very last one in the series so it is anticipated among fans from all around the world. Both Letty and Dom are enjoying their life and are retired but things always tend to go wrong in their lives.

Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2

Given the huge success of Guardians Of The Galaxy, a success that was not actually anticipated by most people, the second volume will surely be at least equally impressive. This movie is just one of the many put in the Marvel Comics universe. Characters are lovable, huge shifts are made with one of the main characters in the first volume and a bad girl turns into a guardian. All this is a sure recipe for success.


Logan will most likely be a huge movie in the history of X-Men movies because it will almost surely be the last one with Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. The story is one that is really attractive for fans of comic books and more, with Professor X, Logan and a new super mutant similar to Wolverine appearing in the mix.

Justice League

Another highly anticipated superhero movie because it tells the story of DC’s equivalent of the Avengers. This time we see Bruce Wayne creating a special team of superheroes that are bound to protect the world. This movie also marks the second appearance of Diana Prince, Wonder Woman, before the solo movie is going to be released. With a good cast and a script that announces itself as interesting, Justice League should be successful.

Beauty And The Beast

Last but not least, Beauty And The Beast is already seen as a huge favorite at Oscars, even if the movie is not even out yet. That is because we are faced with the most loved character in long cartoons ever, Belle. Beauty And The Beast is a true classic that now ends up being a movie, one with great trailers and a lovely cast.