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Michelle Rodriguez - 7 Key Roles

michelle rodriguez tomboy
Seven of Michelle Rodriguez' most memorable roles.

When you think of a female action star in Hollywood, there’s one name that continues to pop up; Michelle Rodriguez. After bursting onto the scene at the turn of the century with the acclaimed indie film Girlfight, she has gone on to establish herself as one of the greats at kicking-ass and taking names. Since her breakthrough she has continued to impress with action-packed performances in some on the biggest, most breathtaking films of all time, including Avatar and the incredibly successful Fast and Furious franchise.

Now starring in Tomboy from action movie icon Walter Hill, Rodriguez proves that she’s still got what it takes to carry a film and deliver an almighty punch, as she searches for revenge from a crazed surgeon played by Sigourney Weaver. To celebrate the release of this unique and gripping action-thriller to DVD from 3rd April, we take a look at a few of Michelle Rodriguez' best films.

Girlfight (2000)
michelle rodriguez girlfight

It is not every day that an actress’ first time on screen happens to become an indie hit, but Rodriguez knows how it feels to be an instant hit. Rodriguez plays Diana, a tough 18 yr old who finds herself training to become a boxer courtesy of the local boxing trainer, Hector. Complications arise when she falls in love with another fighter who happens to have a girlfriend, making it harder for her to dedicate her energy to the sport she has come to love. With a disapproving father looming in, Diana must come to terms with the world she is living in, in spite of all the darkness that surrounds her. This film would begin her long-standing career of portraying beautiful women who could also kick some ass.

The Fast and the Furious Franchise (2001-now)
michelle rodriguez fast and furious

With the most recent film grossing over $1 billion in the box office, this franchise has proved to be one of the most successful in Hollywood history. Featuring fast cars, explosions and terrific acting, it is no wonder that the Fast and the Furious films have been a staple in Rodriguez’ career. As you probably know by now, the films follow a group – or family as they call themselves – as they chase down some of the biggest criminals using high speed and expensive cars, with a total of seven films and the eighth to be released this spring. Rodriguez stars as highly skilled street car racer, thief and Vin Diesel’s lover Letty. It’s hard to imaging these films without the snarling Rodriguez outrunning everyone that comes into her path. 

Blue Crush (2002)
michelle rodriguez blue crush

With big waves comes big responsibility, which is what should have been the tagline for this early 2000s surf classic. Three best friends who have a passion for the deep blue begin to challenge the status quo that men are the only ones who belong in the water. Armed with just surfboards, they tackle some of the biggest waves to reach the Hawaiian coast, proving that pure love for the sport is all you need. With a strong bond between the girls, it seems as if nothing will be able to break it. With friendship, romance and even a little action, you’ll be hard done by to find a young independent woman who wasn’t influenced by this seriously underrated flick.

S.W.A.T. (2003)
michelle rodriguez swat

Though technically originating from a beloved '70s television show, this film adaptation was a rare success with fans when transferring to the big screen. Rodriguez’ presence is key to this, as what makes this film refreshing is how amidst the squad of fearless male cops, there stands a woman who is just as badass. In the film, the team is given the task to transport one of the world’s most notorious criminals, and the stakes become higher when he publicly puts out a cash reward for anyone who breaks him out of custody. Featuring an all-star cast alongside Rodriguez including Samuel L. Jackson, Colin Farrell, Jeremy Renner and LL Cool J, this crime thriller will have you wanting to quit your day job and becoming a member of your local S.W.A.T. team. 

Avatar (2009)
michelle rodriguez avatar

After Avatar dominated the worldwide box office, I’m pretty sure almost everyone wished they could live on the moon Pandora. This blockbuster not only made over $2.5 billion since its release but was also raved about by the critics and received three Academy Awards. Jake Sully is a paraplegic ex-marine who has the opportunity to get his legs and life back when he is given a mission in the futuristic world. After creating his avatar, he becomes immersed in Pandora, caring deeply for it and its people. When he falls in love with a Pandora native, he begins to realise the destruction Pandora is facing due to the people he is working for. Teaming with the natives and rogue soldiers – including Trudy Chacon played by Rodriguez – he joins a war against everything he has ever previously believed in. With mind-blowing special effects, this film takes you on a journey to an incredible land you wished existed.

Battle Los Angeles (2011)
michelle rodriguez battle los angeles

Let’s be real; aliens are probably out there, somewhere, and this film explores what could happen on the fateful day they ever decide to invade, specifically in the City of Angels. Taking place in one of the United States' most populated and famous cities, the film follows Rodriguez’ team of operatives, who have to fight for their survival when unknown life forms begin to take over LA. Things become even more intense when they decide to try and destroy the alien communication network sitting in the heart of LA. Unlike Avatar, Rodriguez is this time taking no shame in killing as many aliens as possible, and as long as she’s on our side, the human race has a chance!

Tomboy (2016)
michelle rodriguez tomboy

What becomes of the world’s most lethal assassin when his entire identity is radically changed by a crazed surgeon? Rodriguez stars in this action thriller as Frank Kitchen, an assassin who gets captured by the sister of a man he once killed. Known as ‘The Doctor’ (Sigourney Weaver), she transforms him on her operating table from a man to a woman, making a huge psychical and psychological impact on her life-long enemy. Abruptly given this new identity, Frank has to come to terms with his sex-change, and figure out how she will exact revenge on The Doctor, who fails to realise that Frank has become even deadlier than ever before.

TOMBOY is available on digital platforms from March 13th and DVD from April 3rd