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Four New Featurettes Explore KUBO AND THE TWO STRINGS

Ahead of its home entertainment release, a quartet of featurettes shed a light on the acclaimed animation.

One of 2016's most highly-rated animated features, Kubo and the Two Strings comes to blu-ray, DVD and VOD on January 16th. Four new featurettes provide insight into the film's production and its story and characters.

Kubo’s Magical Monsters

 If you haven’t seen Kubo and the Two Strings yet worry not – the epic, critically acclaimed children’s adventure of the year is coming to DVD, Blu-ray and digital platforms in January, 2017. To get you in the mood, we thought we’d give you a little introduction to the weird, wonderful and dastardly creatures Kubo and the gang have to face on their quest to save his family and reclaim his father’s armour...

The Sisters
At the beginning of Kubo and the Two Strings we learn that Kubo must never go outside after sundown, or else his mother's evil sisters and his grandfather, the Moon King, will find him. When we see the sisters for the first time we understand why they are to be feared – their pale, immobile faces and all-black outfits are accompanied by ghostly, crooning voices that terrify the boy, who must summon all his courage if he is to protect his family...

Giant Skeleton Monster
On Kubo’s quest to retrieve his father’s weapons and armour, he is lead through a dark and gloomy cave called the ‘Hall of Bones’. Kubo, Monkey and Beetle soon find out exactly why the cave earned this title as a giant skeleton monster emerges from the darkness with long crooked teeth and terrifying, glowing eyes! Wedged into skull, and shining like a beacon, is Hanzo’s sword...

Garden of Eyes
Next up, the ‘Garden of Eyes’, lying at the bottom of The Long Lake... These creepy glowing orbs seem harmless at first, but beware: intruders will be entranced and paralysed by the giant eyes before they are eaten by another monster! Floating in the seaweed and shining amongst the looming eyeballs lays Hanzo’s golden breastplate...

The Moon Beast
Last, but by no means least, is The Moon Beast. Most terrifying of all the monsters in Kubo and the Two Strings, and the mastermind behind the evil plan to capture Kubo is his grandfather; the Moon King. Angered by Kubo’s reluctance to go along with his plan, the Moon King transforms into a humongous, glowing dragon and traps Kubo and the villagers in the cemetery. Surely Kubo is done-for, now...or is he?

Kubo and the Two Strings arrives on digital platforms from 2nd January, 2017, and on Blu-ray and DVD from 16th January, courtesy of Universal Pictures (UK).