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The 10 Worst Movies Of 2016 So Far

10 turkeys from the first half of 2016.

2016 has been a stellar year for movies, as evidenced by our list of the 25 best movies so far, but like any year, it's had its share of duds. Here are 10 movies that made us question our existence for all the wrong reasons.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

We said: The Carroll estate may be counting the cash, but I suspect old Lewis is turning in his grave at the thoughts of his little book of wonder being transformed (oh, that reminds me, there are Transformers in this - no, seriously) into this soulless sequel. If Burton's film was a poor man's Wizard of Oz, this is a second rate Return to Oz. Read our review

The Darkness

We said: It's the sort of movie in which websites concerning the paranormal all appear to have been designed on geocities in 1999. It's the sort of movie in which every TV set glimpsed is always playing a public domain horror movie. It's the sort of movie genre snobs use as a weapon to beat on horror fans. Read our review


We said: If you were cryogenically frozen in the early '90s as a 12 year old boy, you'll be blown away by Deadpool. For anyone who lived through Tarantino, The Matrix and Shrek, or has enjoyed intercourse at some point in their lives, this is the low point of the seemingly never-ending superhero fad. Read our review


We said: Following on from Eli Roth's Knock Knock, this is the second time in a row we've witnessed Reeves and de Armas deliver impressive performances in an otherwise awful movie. Exposed really shouldn't be. To anyone. Read our review

Hardcore Henry

We said: This testosterone-fuelled, sadistic and misogynistic horror show is an endurance test all but the most ardent supporters of GamerGate will fail. Its effects are certainly breath-taking, but rather than asking "How did they do that?", we find ourselves asking "Why did they do that?" Read our review

Mark of the Witch

We said: The film has been described as 'giallo-esque', seemingly because it can't be bothered stringing together a worthwhile story, but it lacks the visual audacity and laudable insanity of the great Italian horrors. Read our review

The Other Side of the Door

We said: Made with no apparent love or understanding of the horror genre, The Other Side of the Door may well be the worst example of its kind so far. This is mainstream studio horror at its lowest ebb - lazy, derivative, inept and xenophobic. Read our review

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

We said: It's difficult to decipher which audience the film is attempting to court. Horror fans will be bored senseless by its sensibility, while Austen devotees will need more than a little persuasion to view this as anything other than blasphemy. Read our review

Ride Along 2

We said: The buddy cop movie is a winning formula. It's drama at its simplest. You shouldn't be able to get this wrong, yet the folks behind Ride Along somehow have. Twice. Read our review


We said: Watching someone play the game itself would probably constitute a far more rewarding experience than having to endure the movie, and at least you could ask the gamer to explain what exactly it is you're watching; this isn't entertainment, it's homework. Read our review

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