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Poll Result - Do Reviews Matter?

Do any of you care what critics have to say?

It's been a tough week for film critics, what with Batman V Superman fans accusing them of being paid off by Disney and IMDB pretending they don't exist, so for our latest twitter poll we asked "Have you ever sought out or avoided a movie because of a review?"

Thankfully the majority of you claim that reviews do hold some sway, so we here at TMW don't feel like we've completely wasted the last five years. Just for the record, we hope you take our reviews with a pich of salt, and it's never our intention to dissuade anyone from seeing a movie, no matter how hard we come down on it. We do hope of course that you pay attention to our positive reviews and seek out movies you may have previously ignored.

Our readers had a lot to say on this issue, so here are some of the best tweets.

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