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KILLER RACK Joins The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Killer Rack, the horror comedy currently screening to acclaim at film festivals around the world, is joining The Lynn Sage Foundation to battle breast cancer.

Stickers bearing the teaser art for Killer Rack designed by Toronto artist Kelly Forbes are now available for purchase for $3.00, with 100% of the profit going to The Lynn Sage Foundation.

Killer Rack tells the satirical story of Betty Downer, a hapless young woman who discovers her new breast implants are actually Lovecraftian, man-eating monsters hell bent on world domination - and only she can stop them.  The film was shot in Buffalo, New York, featuring a roster of local actors including star Jessica Zwolak, supported by genre pros Debbie Rochon, Lloyd Kaufman and Brooke Lewis - as the "voice of the boobs." 

"As soon as I cast Brooke, we started discussing different ways we could use the film to help the fight against breast cancer," says director Gregory Lamberson (Slime City, Dry Bones).  "She's been active in benefits like this before, and suggested The Lynn Sage Foundation as a possible beneficiary of our efforts.  Then Jason McFiggins, our Twitter master, suggested these stickers.  So this is the first step in our three pronged assault on breast cancer: next we plan to hold a screening to benefit breast cancer research, and then in the fall we plan to market a comedic calendar.  Our feeling is horror and comedy fans will find these efforts a fun way to make a difference."

The Lynn Sage Foundation was founded by sisters Laura and Halee Sage after losing their mother, Lynn, to breast cancer.  Lynn Sage was a beloved mother, daughter and wife who died tragically at the age of 39 as a result of her battle with breast cancer.  The Foundation raises over $300,000 annually to support The Lynn Sage Scholars Program, founding some of our country's most promising researchers in the field of breast cancer.  They are committed to raising funds for breast cancer research until a cure is found.

Stickers may be purchased for $3.00 through Killer Rack's Etsy page: 
Direct donations can be made to The Lynn Sage Foundation by clicking on the Donate button on their website -  - or their Facebook page:

Killer Rack, written by co-star Paul McGinnis, has screened at 12 film festivals so far, with five more lined up for the spring: Toronto Spring of Horror and Fantasy Film Festival in Toronto, Canada; Fantastic Cinema & Beer Festival in Little Rock, Arkansas; Motor City Nightmares Film Festival in Detroit, Michigan; Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival in North Charleston, South Carolina; and Shock Stock in London, Canada.

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