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Top 20 Kevin Costner Facts

His face is as easily recognisable as his name, and for over 30 years Kevin Costner has starred in some of the most iconic movies ever produced.

In portraying a vision of Americana in his best work, films such as Dances with Wolves, The Untouchables and JFK have become celebrated pieces of Americana themselves.
Continuing this tradition, Black or White is the story of a grandfather who is suddenly left to care for his beloved granddaughter. When her paternal grandmother seeks custody with the help of her brother the little girl is torn between two families who love her deeply.
To celebrate Black or White's release on DVD and VOD we look at the Top 20 Facts About Kevin Costner that you may not have known...

When Costner graduated from high school, he was surprisingly only 5'2" despite eventually growing to be 6' 1". He's acknowledged he's still never got over being short.

While at college studying business, Costner began taking acting lessons five nights a week. 

After marrying his college sweetheart, Costner randomly met legendary actor Richard Burton on a return flight from his honeymoon. After Costner explained his dream to be an actor, Burton told him not to hold back if that was what he truly wanted.

His first film role was in the 1981 low-budget softcore film Sizzle Beach (aka. Malibu Hot Summer) produced by schlock masters Troma. Only six years later he was the lead in the smash hit gangster movie The Untouchables alongside Sean Connery.

He refused to star in Platoon (1986) because he believed it could be insulting to American soldiers, including potentially Costner’s own brother himself who was a Vietnam veteran. 

His favourite movies are Giant (1956), The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957), The Magnificent Seven (1960) and The Great Escape (1963).

He loves the outdoors and owns a 165-acre ranch outside of Aspen, Colorado.

Costner is a skilled equestrian and does his own riding in all his films, including the memorable buffalo hunt scene in Dances With Wolves. In the scene the actor can be seen riding without a saddle and not holding the reigns.

Two of the domesticated buffalo used in Costner's iconic Dances With Wolves were borrowed from legendary musician Neil Young. Neil Young was in the band Buffalo Springfield back in the '60s.

He was 27th in the list of 'The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time'  by Empire Magazine in October 1997.

He is one of the six famous movie actors (along with Warren Beatty, Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, Richard Attenborough, and Robert Redford) to win the Oscar for Best Director.

Was nominated for both Golden and Silver Berlin Bear at the 1991 Berlin International Film Festival for his work in Dances with Wolves (1990). He took home the latter one in the Outstanding Single Achievement category.

He has been in two films about John F. Kennedy; JFK (1991) and Thirteen Days (2000)

The President character in Air Force One (1997) was written specifically for him, and he helped to develop the film. In the end he had to pass due to delays with The Postman (1997). Costner called up Harrison Ford personally to offer him the role in what became one of the hit films of the year. Interestingly, Costner got both the lead roles in films Dragonfly (2002) and JFK (1991) as a result of Harrison Ford turning down the parts.

He was voted the 'Most Erotic Male' by the readers of German magazine Amica in May 1998.

His second marriage ceremony was attended by 500 guests including Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Willis, Tim Allen, Don Johnson, Jack Nicholson, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

He has seven children.

He is the lead singer of the country/rock band Kevin Costner and Modern West.

Costner has been involved in more baseball themed movies than any other actor. His love for sports can be seen in other roles such as Draft Day and American Fliers, with a total of eight sports themed films to his name.

He is a big supporter of Arsenal and once booked a private helicopter to attend a match in 2003.

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