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Did You Win THE BRIDGE Season Three?

Arrow Films released the third season of the acclaimed Nordic crime-drama in the UK on December 21st, and we've got three DVDs to give away to UK readers.

The Bridge is a critically acclaimed and award winning Danish-Swedish co-produced crime drama series that has spawned multiple re-makes across the globe. Sofia Helin stars as the iconic Swedish police detective Saga Norén, who is forced to work with Danish counterpart ,Martin Rohde (Kim Bodnia) after the discovery of a dead body on the Øresund Bridge, which connects Sweden and Denmark. The socially challenged Norén develops a close, if often awkward, bond with Rohde over the first two seasons but has to make some tough decisions along the way that dramatically affect their relationship.

In season 3 Saga once again partners-up with a Danish officer, this time the equally troubled Henrik Sabroe (Thure Lindhardt), as they unravel a series spectacular and murders that eventually become personal for Saga. The series also focuses on Saga's spiralling mental state and self-doubts about her childhood and the realisation that her colleagues are beginning to question her abilities.

The winners are:

Elizabeth Sorsby, Sheffield
Di Ruddock, Hartlepool
Brian Horsley, Chorley

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