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Announcing our A FUNNY KIND OF LOVE DVD winners

Aussie comedy A Funny Kind of Love is out on Digital HD 6th July and DVD 17th August, and we've got three DVDs to give away to UK readers.

The directorial debut from rising star Josh Lawson (Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues), A Funny Kind of Love takes romantic comedy to new levels, following the sexual fetishes of five suburban couples, all connected by their new neighbour.
In an attempt to spice up their sex lives and reignite marital sparks, the couples push their relationship boundaries past ‘normal’ to unearth a range of hidden desires. Some get their kicks from seeing their partner cry (Dacryphilia), while others are turned on by watching theirs sleep (Somnophilia). Role-plays spiral out of control and there is more than a foot fetish to contend with!
Phil begins an affair with his own wife… only without her knowledge, while Monica, a call-centre operator for the deaf, finds herself in the most unlikely of situations, interpreting Sam’s late-night call to an adult chat line with hilarious consequences!
Intricate and edgy with charm and romance entwined throughout, it really is A Funny Kind of Love.

The winners are:

Lucy McCaddon, Wrexham
Linda Taylor, Blackpool
Leo Hayden, London