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Irish Film made with €450 hopes to hit Big Screen

Ultra low-budget feature film 'A Day Like Today' shot in eight days around Dublin City Centre.

The feature film, the debut of director Gerard Walsh and which stars Paul Butler Lennox and Andie McCaffrey Byrne in the leading roles, will be screened to cast, crew and friends in December at the Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield, Dublin, with the hope of it being picked up for distribution.
The 80 minute (approx) film, produced by O.I.C. Media (a production company founded in 2012 by filmmakers Gerard Walsh and James Fitzgerald), was only made possible by the cast and crew's willingness to work for free, united in a belief that they could produce a film off the back of a script by Shane Coules which would be worthy of featuring in cinemasthroughout the country. 
A Day Like Today tells the story of a man (Joe) currently sleeping rough and a woman (Alice) living in a destabilized marriage who, after a chance meeting, decide to spend the day together wandering around Dublin and exchanging stories. As the day continues, and they meet numerous characters, they learn more about each other and will come to notice more sinister sides to each other's lives.
Judging by the trailer, which was released last Monday, the cast and crew have produced a technically accomplished an well-acted film which will hopefully encourage young filmmakers throughout the country lacking in monetary resources that they needn't wait around for companies to get on board, or push in vain for funding from local film councils, but that they can go out themselves with a willing cast and crew and shoot a feature length film with a weeks wages.