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TMW's 10 Best Movies of Summer 2014!

Displaying total disregard for the Southern Hemisphere calendar, TMW's editor selects his 10 favourite movies of a surprisingly impressive summer*.

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10. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
"...a must see for ape devotees, and in the current climate of superheroes and giant robots, it's admirable that Hollywood is willing to give us a sci-fi movie with both heart and brains."

9. The Rover
"A scathing attack on capitalism and materialism, Michod's sophomore effort paints a world where nothing has value anymore, yet currency is still in demand."

8. The Golden Dream
"Quemada-Díaz gets us rooting for his teens as they chase their dream, even if we know it's ultimately not what they might have imagined for themselves."

7. Godzilla
"Yes, folks, we have a master film-maker on our hands. Take a bow Mister Edwards. But a great film-maker is only as good as his script and it's this element that keeps Godzilla short of being a truly great blockbuster."

6. Maleficent
"On the surface, it seems like a cheap move for Disney to rehash one of their existing properties, but there's more going on under the surface of Maleficent than every other big Hollywood movie of the last year combined."

5. Grand Central
"Ending on an ambiguous note that suggests a sequel might resemble a 70s Larry Cohen horror, Grand Central might initially leave you cold, but as your mind returns to it in the following days you'll find yourself as contaminated as its hapless protagonist."

4. Two Days, One Night
"The brilliance of the Dardennes is to hook you in with what initially seems a black and white premise, only to turn it a murky shade of grey."

3.Edge of Tomorrow
"Like a human Wile E Coyote, Cruise has a series of metaphorical anvils dropped on him, with hilarious results. I haven't laughed so much at gruesome deaths since the early installments of the Final Destination series."

2. Hide Your Smiling Faces
"At a time when so many films favour bladder testing run times, Carbone reminds us that the secret of cinema lies in moments, not minutes."

1. The Guest
"This is a film that's unashamedly proud to be a genre movie, and so it should be, as it's the best thriller we've seen in a long, long time."

*Summer here defined as May-August